Chloe’s Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party

At the weekend we had a big celebration on. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that my little lady turned two on Wednesday gone by. As it is bad luck to celebrate before your actual birthday, we decided to have her birthday party on the Saturday. She is only two, so we only invited her cousins over who live in and around County Dublin.

I thought about a theme for her party for a long time. In the end I went with Minnie Mouse and pink Polka dots. She loves Peppa Pig a bit more lately but when she saw the setup she was delighted. I bought the accessories in Woodies party zone. I had to order it online because there was not much in store at the time.

Cake wise I decided to make cupcakes from scratch but buy a cake mix from Tesco that you should just put all together and in the oven it goes. I like simplicity. Not too much stress. The baking commenced on Friday evening as I had a bit more to do the Saturday morning. I found a nice and easy recipe on Pinterest for vanilla flavoured cupcakes. The cake was chocolate. I didn’t want to have chocolate and chocolate so the vanilla cupcakes were a nice change.
To make life even easier, I bought the ready icing from Dr Oetker in pretty pink.


The party started at 2pm on Saturday. There were eight kids (including mine) in total. It was a bit chilly outside but the sun was shining so all boys, including the adults went outside the garden to play some football. While the girls relaxed inside chatting away and playing in the playroom. An hour later I called everyone in for some cake. It was time to light the candles. Chloe was a bit tired from all the people in her house. She didn’t have a nap beforehand as I thought she will be fine because she slept in. But it was a bit overwhelming for her. She always gets very clingy when there is a certain amount of people in her space.


We all sang “Happy Birthday” and I helped Chloe blowing out candle while big brother Matthew blew out the second one. Cousin Rory helped, too. I cut the cake and everyone was digging in.  It was actually a very nice and light chocolate cake. I would definitely make that again. I had an icing sheet ordered with “Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe” on it and decorated some small icing flowers around it.


As well as that there were also sandwiches, crisps and fruit available to everyone. Most of the afternoon was spent playing. Chloe even brightened up a bit after a while and walked around played with cousin Rory. Hubby took some of the kids to Smyths toy store and bought each a gift. That’s them covered for their birthday this year.

Chloe’s gifts contained of clothing which I was really happy about because we have way too many toys in the house. Cute skirt, leggings and t-shirts, kitted out for the summer.

Everyone started to leave around dinner time (6pm). When bedtime came along, Chloe was asleep fast after such a fun day.

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