Chloe – Two and a Half Years Update

I haven’t shared an update on Chloe since she turned two in February. Now that it is the beginning of August, I thought it would be nice to see how she has developed six months on. I can tell you she is definitely a little character. This  is her 2 1/2 years update.

Height/Weight: A few weeks ago I finally  managed to install the kids measuring tape in the play room. At least it’s done before they turn into teenagers. Chloe didn’t allow me to measure her just yet though. She was standing beside Matthew the other day to have her photo taken at the measuring tape but it wasn’t enough time to see how tall she is. There is about a head between the two so I am guessing she is around the 90cm mark. Chloe is a big fan of standing on the scale for whatever reason. I suppose she likes to explore. The latest weight we got from her was 13kg. I don’t know if that is average for her age but because she was a late walker, there is probably still a bit of baby weight she needs to shift.

Sizes: She is comfortably in 2 -3 years clothing. Since she has become older, I started dressing her more in dresses. The summer is the perfect month for that. At the moment she is in shoe size 5. Her feet are growing pretty rapidly though and I end up buying new shoes every few months. I presume it’s normal but because Matthew’s feet don’t grow that quickly anymore, it’s weird for me. I actually have to measure again soon because once the velcro is hard to close to the very end, I know it’s time to change shoe size again. So far we have only been buying shoes from Clarks. She has one pair from Marks and Spencers but only because they are shaped in form of a cat. We all know how obsessed she is with cats since a very young age.

Bedtime: The hardest part. If you have followed my updates of Chloe when she was just under a year old,  you will know she was never a good sleeper. This has not changed one bit. I mean she did fall asleep in her cot bed, in her own room with the nursery rhymes on after 20 minutes or so but you can expect her in our bed anytime between 10pm and 1am. The last week has gotten just a little bit worth. I am not sure what the cause is to be honest. She took a hating to sleeping in her own room. She doesn’t like the dark that much which is fair enough. This is the reason why I have the curtains open a bit so it’s not fully dark. But even then she just doesn’t want to be on her own.

She is demanding to sleep in our bed. I have no issue with it as it’s as easy as moving her into the bed, waiting for her to fall asleep beside me and do my own thing but over the coming years I would want to have her sleeping in her own room. Particularly when I have only recently done up her room. I thought this might encourage her to sleep in her room even more. She has the big girl bed beside her cot bed. She liked the look of the bed when it was sitting in Matthew’s room and she kept saying “my bed”, though it’s a different story when it’s on her room.

Feeding: She is a very picky eater but I see this every day. It must be the age. So many parents/ bloggers are giving out about their children being picky eaters. Matthew was too but he is more open to trying out new things now. Chloe is a great eater in creche. But mainly because there are a group of kids eating at the same time. She knows how to push our buttons at home. Rice is something she doesn’t like at all. If she was the boss, she would eat mashed potato every day. Snacking is a big thing she is into. Even when she had a big meal in creche, when I collect, she is demanding to have something else. I am trying to keep it as healthy as possible though. Yoghurts and bananas are her favourite.

Other things you can do:

  • You can put on and take off your shoes and jacket for a good few months now.
  • Your speech has hugely improved since we have limited the usage of the dodie during the day
  • All of your six favourite teddies have to come to bed every single night.
  • You absolutely love nursery rhymes and you definitely love dancing to them. Your two favourite ones are “Ants” and “Wind the bobbing up”.
  • You love your big brother. When it comes to snack time or treats, you are making sure he gets his portion too.
  • The high chair is for babies now. You much prefer to sit with us at the table.
  • You are not potty trained yet but definitely ready for it.
  • Plays nicely with baby cat (sometimes she pulls his tail but she is only learning )
  • Peppa Pig is your favourite character.
  • Your first trip on a ferry over to the UK this year
  • Nappy changing is not always your favourite thing to do. In the morning you like to make a game out of it when daddy changes you and you prefer rolling left to right.
  • You love holding hands and walking along with us as much as having a break sitting in your buggy.
  • You love watching me cook and have to sit beside me. Sometimes you even like to help.

6 thoughts on “Chloe – Two and a Half Years Update

  1. My 5 year old eats a bit better. He is trying out new things so there is hope x

  2. I have to make an effort to chill about the eating. One day he likes something the next he doesn’t, it’s really frustrating but I’m keen not to make food an issue.

  3. This is a lovely post! I love that she has to take all of her teddies to bed haha! Zach is a picky eater too – it winds me up, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase!! I can’t believe they will both be three in just 6 months!! xx

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