How to spend Time Together as Parents – Just the Two of You

Spending time together as a couple, husband and wife or fiance and fiancee, can be quite difficult while you still have to look after two small children running around. Realistically you only get couple time when the kids are in bed, right? Wrong!

We have been parents for nearly five years now. With the first born you don’t worry about too much. First time parenting and all. You’re just trying to keep the baby alive and do everything by the book. As they get older, you want to gain some time back though. It’s only healthy for the relationship after all.


The most obvious is a babysitter. Up until earlier this year, we have never ever had a babysitter. I don’t know why but I guess I didn’t trust anybody else. In saying that both my kids have changed creche. They have new minders. It’s all just a thing we have to get used to.

Start booking the babysitter at weekends in the afternoon. It doesn’t always have to be when the kids are in bed. I quite prefer to do activities during the day anyway because as you know parenting is exhausting and I would be asleep by 10pm.

Bring your partner for an afternoon tea experience. 

Even the cinema is plenty of couple time. Get out of the house, just the two of you.

Go for lunch, go for an early dinner date.

Something I haven’t done in probably six years… go for a romantic walk in the woods, holding hands. It sound cheesy but we’ve all been there before we started this whole parenting thing.

Movie time

My youngest is still having naps after lunch. This generally gives us an hour to ourselves. Matthew is very independent and likes doing his own thing. Why not setup a fun way of watching a movie with some popcorn, sweeties and drinks. Pick a movie that you all enjoy but the kids are still glued to.  Something that keeps them occupied, will give you two some time sitting together.

Day Off

If you are fortunate enough and both you and your other half work while the kids are going to creche/nursery, take a day off together. You can schedule so much into eight hours in the day.

Games Evening

A few years ago we used to play quite a good few board games. Once the kids are in bed, why not have an evening of games. You won’t believe how much you will have and how much laughter it will bring.

Do you spend a lot of time together as a couple?

4 thoughts on “How to spend Time Together as Parents – Just the Two of You

  1. We’re very lucky that we get child-free time. It’s good because Sophie loves sleepovers at her grandparents and we get some time to ourselves. Although that is all about to change in a few months’ time I’m sure! x

  2. I find it really hard to spend time with my partner without my girls. my post natal depression makes it so hard to leave them, its something that I am trying to work through. x

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