Chloe, You Are Three

Dear Chloe,

Today we celebrated a special day. It was indeed your birthday. We can’t believe you are three already. Where have those three years gone? It feels like only yesterday when you were a tiny little baby sleeping in your moses basket.

You bring so much joy and fun to our completed family. You’re an absolute angel. Of course you have the odd tantrum over something but that’s only normal isn’t it? We like to call you our little sugar plum and you absolutely love that.

You have come a long way in the last year. You used to be so shy around everyone and sit on mammys or daddy’s knee for hours until you got comfortable to go down and play. Since seeing your cousins a lot lately, this has really improved.

We have been using the buggy less and less. You much prefer to walk beside me holding my hand which is just adorable. You’re always by my side and never run off. It’s so much fun bringing you places and you love discovering new surroundings.

Your brother Matthew is like your best friend. You have to do everything together. You both are so close but you love fighting too. You always want to be the same as him. Whether that’s the shoes he wears, the breakfast he picks or the toys he plays with.

Within the last 4 months or so, you mastered sleeping in your own bed all night. That’s of course with a little help from either mammy or daddy. As long as you feel safe that’s the main thing. Doesn’t matter if mammy ends up sleeping on the air bed beside you.

You absolutely adore all your gazillion teddys that come to bed every night with you. Two of them always make it to creche with you in case you need comfort, including your dodie.

Just this new year you started the potty training and we are very impressed how well it’s going. Don’t worry we’ll get there with number two eventually too.

You can put your shoes on no problem since the age of two and for the last three months, you like to get yourself dressed for bed. Very independent little woman. However you prefer picking the top yourself in the morning. You seem to have gone completely off dresses which is a shame. But I let you wear whatever you like.

You are still a very fussy eater at home. Of course you’re eating it all in creche. Tell me the secret. You’re big into snacking.

Your talking has come a long way, too. In fact you are a great little talker for a three year old.

This April is going to be huge for you. You are going to start pre school. Not sure if I’m ready for that but you certainly are. You love copying and learning and so pick up on Matthew’s homework sometimes. I think you’re going to be amazing.

Until then my sugar plum.

Love you so much!

Mammy & Daddy


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