The Me and Mine Family Project January 2018

It’s another year of family portraits. This is going to be the third year I am taking part in the me and mine project. If you never heard of it before, then you should definitely check out Lucy’s blog Dear Beautiful. It’s actually a nice memory to have a family photo each year to look back on.

January has been a fairly quiet month. When I say quiet, I actually mean quiet. There has literally been nothing gone on this month. It was my birthday but that was about it. The weather was half the problem. Kids were inside most of the time other than when they went outside in school and creche. It’s nice to have a complete lazy month to be honest. The next up coming month we have a few things planned and will keep the kids active for sure.

Daddy was loving:

  • Playing tennis tournaments
  • Going to a SNES tournament for Mario Kart and Streetfighter

Mammy was loving:

  • Birthday weekend away
  • Afternoon Tea with a friend
  • First evening walk of the year (It has been only one to date)
  • requesting cake for mammy’s birthday
  • Night out with the girls
  • Her first Bubble Waffle

Matthew was loving:

  • Playing football again (they had a month break)
  • Unlocking an extra world on Mario Run
  • Playing with his Lego
  • Bubble bath

Chloe was loving:

  • Using big girl pants
  • Managing to use the toilet
  • Getting sweeties after each success
  • Play date with her bestie
  • Having cake for mammy’s birthday
  • Bubble bath
The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

2 thoughts on “The Me and Mine Family Project January 2018

  1. The weather was so shocking wasn’t it? We were the same stuck in far more than we ever like to be indoors. We had to do the same a sofa snap as it wasn’t just raining but stormy and hailing for days and we left it far too last minute with a busy January. Hoping February is kind to us all. #meandmine

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