Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party + a Cake Smash


On Saturday we celebrated Chloe’s First Birthday. She turned one last Monday but I decided not to have her party until the weekend after. It was a bit mad the weekend before her birthday anyway with Matthew getting an X-ray done for his limp which is now fine. (He only pulled a muscle, thank god)

Saturday morning I started to bake Chloe’s smash cake. It was a simple vanilla cake which I found on Belle of the Kitchen. Definitely check out their website, there is a lot of other delicious but simple recipes. I used 2 oven proofed glass bowls and poured half mixture in one bowl and the other half in the other bowl. I wasn’t too sure how to make the icing but luckily in Tesco I found ready to use buttercream icing and it was on sale, too which was a plus. All I had to do is add a bit of food colouring to make the icing pink. The cake wasn’t exactly perfect and the icing was a bit heavy for the cake but it was definitely tasty, that’s for sure.


After her lunch then I setup the cake smash scene. Originally I planned to put down a pink sheet with a bit of decorations in the background but because we had Chloe’s grandparents coming over shortly after, I was a bit tight for time, so just set it up in a corner of the kitchen with simple wall background.

Warning!!! Photo overload coming up…







The idea of her outfit I actually picked up on Pinterest (where else). T-Shirt and headband I purchased on one of the Etsy shops. The tutu itself I got on ebay. I found it very hard to find one which doesn’t take too long in shipment but also is not too expensive. This one is 12-24 months so she could still wear it every now and then with a pair of leggings, looks so cute on her, same for the t-shirt which is 1-2 years in size.

I decided on the theme Gold/Pink and it turned out really nice I have to say. I got all the supplies like balloons, table cover, plates and cups from Woodie Partyzone online. This website comes in very handy if you are planning to organise a birthday party and it is at a reasonable price too.


For the snacks all I made was a few different fillings for the sandwiches like chicken and ham. There were options of crisps and grapes, nothing too big really because we were only 6-7 people after all. Everyone enjoyed the cake which I was really happy about.

The birthday girl was cruising around on the floor in the meantime. On Saturday she learnt how to bum shuffle. It’s mad how different all babies are. Matthew only crawled backwards at the age of 13 months and never bum shuffled. This means we are back to childproofing the house.



After an afternoon of fun with cake and playing, she soon went for a nap. Even though she is still young and won’t even remember what was going on in a few years time, she definitely loved all the attention from all different people

Have you ever done a cake smash before?

14 thoughts on “Chloe’s 1st Birthday Party + a Cake Smash

  1. What a lovely cake smash and birthday party. I love a good cake smash to look back on. Too cute she looks so happy. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. She looks pretty pleased with the cake πŸ™‚ did you make another for you all to eat too?

    I ended up with a migraine the night I was supposed to make Pip’s first birthday cake, so she ended up with scones that her Grannie brought to the party.

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