Chloe Turns One


I can’t believe I am actually writing this today. My little princess Chloe turned 1 today. It has been a whole year already that we spent together. This time last year I was in the labour ward getting induced but having the first strong contractions. At 5.20pm my little princess came into this world then. She is a really happy little girl. We were going to have a party this weekend for her but decided against it and we will have it this coming Saturday instead. It means her grandparents can attend too. It’s nice to have just us 4 but a little round of 8-9 people is lovely, too with a bit of cake and finger foods.

Height/Weight: Again I have no idea what her length is. She hasn’t got measured for that in months. I wanted to get her weighed so many times at home but I keep forgetting. I am going to take a guess and say she is around 12kg now. Hopefully I might be able to manage and get her weighed this week and update it here.

Sizes: To me it all depends on where you buy and what the fabric is like. Whether it’s stretchy or not. Some Next tops are getting a bit tight on it and it is beginning to become a struggle to put them on her which means I have to go shopping and buy her a few 12-18 months tops. Leggings she is still wearing 9-12 months from Next and H&M comfortably. Mothercare I don’t seem to find that good any more. The clothes seem to be shrinking a bit in my opinion. For now I am sticking with Next and H&M.

Bedtime: The routine for bedtime has changed slightly. She doesn’t fall asleep on the bottle anymore. She is also messing with it a lot. Some nights she could take her whole bottle which is 6oz, other times, or most times these days she is only taking 2oz which gets me thinking there is not much pointing giving her a bottle any more if she only drinks that little and replace it with a snack at 7pm maybe. At the weekend I dropped her a cot bed a level. It was at the highest up to this point because she doesn’t move yet. Since I done that, every night now she wriggles her way to the top of the cot in her sleep. I can be up a few times at night still putting the dodie back in but also pulling her down to the bottom of the cot bed again.  Hopefully it can only get better.

Feeding: Lately I bought more of the 10 months chunky Ella’s kitchen pouches. I know they are a bit expensive but it is a good way of getting her used to proper food. She wouldn’t be able to eat a normal pasta meal yet for example. I will have to try her with some meat like chicken. It is quite chewy when you have no teeth yet though. We will get there eventually.

What else has happened this month:

– bums her way around the floor in the living room
– points with her finger
– makes a sound like “there” when pointing with the finger
– loves pulling herself up on the side of the cot bed after her morning bottle
– loves dancing

The month in pictures:

2016-01-25 16.00.32

2016-01-13 17.57.51 2016-01-15 12.18.57 2016-01-17 16.18.50

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