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I have started buying more clothes for Chloe, warmer clothes. I know it is November and all that but it is really warm for November. Either the weather has gone completely mad, or we are getting a very hard and deep winter.

Here are a few things I bought for herself recently. You can completely get the idea that I don’t like dressing her in dresses necessarily unless it is a special occasion ie. Christmas. I just find for babies/infants it is better to wear more comfortable clothes, rather than looking pretty all the time. They will get a lot of chances to do all this when they are older. Our little ones are only little for so long. I am sure some of you will agree with me on that.

1. Red Furry Snowman T-Shirt

I think it has to be a traditional thing to wear Christmas jumpers around Christmas time. So of course I had to pick one for Chloe, too Check out this cute little top I purchased from Next. The snowman nose lights up by the way. £10-11

2. Two Pack Slogan T-Shirt

I have to admit I love a few slogan T-shirts for our little ones. They are just the cutest. They probably will hate you for it later in life but I don’t mind. These two say “Bonjour” and “Milk first, cuddles after”. The second doesn’t quite apply to Chloe because she is not a fan of her bottles but I liked the other one. Purchased in Next. £11

3. Red Robin Crew Neck Top

This little top goes nicely with a pair of leggings/jeggings or some tights and a skirt. Great for this season. Also purchased in Next. £8-9

4. Red/Oatmeal Leggings Two Pack

I love putting leggings on Chloe. She has so many different ones and she gets great wear out of them. I couldn’t resist but adding some seasonal ones to her collection, too. I am a big fan of wearing leggings myself and so my little girl joins mammy’s fashion. Check out these cute little ones with deers on it which I also purchased in Next. £7.50-9.50

5. Peppa Pig Conker Sweat-Shirt

The perfect autumn jumper and what a cute graphic. Even Matthew was jealous looking at it. But I can hardly put a Peppa pig jumper on him. I might find a George one for him somewhere. I bought this one in Tesco. £9-10

6. Denim Leggings

Something different added to all Chloe’s leggings, I thought I might purchase denim looking kind of leggings. I think they look brilliant. I would love to have one myself but you can only get them as jeggings for adults and they generally never fit me. Bought in Next. £7-9

7. Peppa Pig Christmas Rock Dress

Another pretty Peppa Pig clothing. This time a dress. She will wear this around Christmas time. Christmas Day I actually want to get a prettier dress than this one. It’s great how nice you can dress up little girls. I am just so used to tops and jeans with Matthew. I purchased this from Tesco clothing. £9-10

Do you do seasonal shopping every year or do you just buy new clothes as you go along?

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  1. NEXT has some really lovely clothing items in for children this season. They always have lovely things but I especially love there winter selection.
    I love everything, I especially love the red robin jumper, so cute! And the peppa pig Christmas dress is cute! And those leggins are adorable! All very reasonably priced 🙂
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