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A while ago I was contacted by a lovely girl from a company called Cleverbooks. She offered me to review one of their new personalised kids books. I don’t say “no ” to educational and, even better, personalised books.


So what do Cleverbooks do? Cleverbooks deliver educative stories that help parents to educate kids to understand and apply many useful things like brushing teeth, helping parents, sharing with others and much more.  They create great interest in the book and stories for the kid by great personalisation. The book has special lovely illustrations created by a professional illustrator. The paper the stories are being printed on are eco-friendly. What I did like about it as well was, before reading each story, you can add a photo of your child when creating your book online.


When we opened up the first page, we were invited by an owl we could colour in. At the moment Matthew is big into colouring. Up to a month ago, it was just scribbling all over the page. It was never really worth it sitting down with him and colour in because he couldn’t really do it. He learned it now and he wants to colour in basically every day which is nice to see. When he saw the white owl, the first thing I had to get, was his crayons and he started before we had a look at all the different stories.



Sometimes it can be hard teaching your children about the importance of brushing teeth or sharing with others like your siblings. Having it all read to you in a book makes it so handy and he will understand even better. Matthew loves books and it is our daily bedtime routine. He would never go to bed without me reading him at least one story. I am happy to add this book to our collection and put it into his bookshelf.

If this is a book for you and your children, then definitely head over to Cleverbooks and order your book today. The book has 32 pages in total and comes at a price of 25 EUR. Because it is a complete personalised book, the delivery time takes a bit of time. You will have it within in 30 days. It sounds like a lot but as I said it’s completely customised.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. As always this is my honest opinion and I take copyright for the photos that have been taken.

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  1. Yeah it’s very good. Have a look into it. You can preview the whole story on screen before buying it. x

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