Blog Series – A Day in a Parenting Blogger’s Life

I am happy to announce my first ever blog series to you.  There are several different blog series out there that it was actually hard to find one that doesn’t exist yet.

I follow so many parenting bloggers everyday, read their posts etc. I wanted to know how their daily life is structured. For that reason I created a blog series called “A Day in a Parenting Blogger’s Life”. This will give you the insides of each blogger what they are up to everyday with their kids.  Maybe you will also discover a new blog for yourself that you haven’t come across yet. This is how I find blogs on other bloggers websites, too.

For my first installment I have Kellie from My Little Babog.  She has a busy life. I always envy her how she can handle three under three with the youngest only being seven weeks old. Here she is…

1. First of all, tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m Kellie, an Irish mammy of four. I live in Dublin, in a mad house and have three babogs under three. I’m a cloth nappy enthusiast, professional cake eater and a bandana bib addict. I spend my days bribing the big kid, separating my one and two years old from bashing each other and by drinking a shit load of coffee!

2. How many times were you woken last night?

Zero. Zilch. Nil.

We have a house of sleepers, it’s rare that anyone will wake up once they’ve been kept active throughout the day. The newbie normally wakes up for some boob but she’s slept right through the past few nights.

I know she’s an absolute legend!

3. Do you co-sleep?

I sure do, I co-slept with my six-year-old for years and I’ve co-slept with all my babogs until they went into cots. These days I’ve a seven-week-old cuddled up beside me.

4. What time do you normally wake up?

My one-year-old can wake anytime between 6am-8am, she wakes the house with her roars and banging. I don’t lift my head from the bed until after seven, Joe, my partner, get’s up with the kids.

5. How much average sleep do you get a night?

I try aim for at least eight hours a night and I try sneak in a nap during the day when the babogs go down for theirs.

6. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I always check the time as soon as I wake up to make sure we aren’t late for school and then get showered, dressed and wake whoever is still in bed. Joe will have the washing machine and dishwasher on by the time I get down the stairs and whoever is up will be dressed and fed. He’s a very hands on dad, I’d be lost without him! Then I load the car or buggy and we make our way to school.

7. Tell me about your typical morning routine.

As above I get showered, dressed and make all the beds. I fed whoever hasn’t eaten, do the big kids hair and prep for the school run. If Joe didn’t help out in the morning there would be no way all five of us would make it out the door on time. On the way back from the school run I normally pop by the butchers to get something for dinner and pop the shops for bread and maybe a cheeky croissant if there’s any left. Upon our return I hoover, empty the dishwasher and washing machine, and prep dinner for that evening. And before I know it it’s naptime. Yah!

8. When and how often do you prepare the family dinners? Give us a few examples what you would cook.

I buy frozen vegetables apart from carrots, it saves me so much time. I cook five nights a week and we eat out one night and order in another. Cottage pie, spaghetti, lasagne, fish, roast chicken and sausies would be typical dinners here with lots of veg, mash or homemade chips.

9. What’s on the menu for lunch?

The menu changes here daily. The kids love bagels, yogurts, pancakes, rice-cakes, waffles, corn on the cob, a standard ham sambo and chopped fruit. Today we had noodles and a slice of fruit cake.

10. What activities have you got planned for the day for the kids?

All three kids are napping so when they wake up it will be lunchtime and then I suppose we’ll play out on the trampoline and with bubbles as the weather is fab outside. Otherwise the kids will just turn the house upside down.

11. Do you generally eat dinner together as a family or get the kids fed first?

We eat dinner as a family, I’m very strict on this. I wait till daddy is home before I serve up. We baby led wean too so all my kids feed themselves. And I spend my days picking up food from the floor.

12. What do you do after dinner?

We have dinner pretty late here, it’s the kids last meal before bed. We normally head to park for a half hour, up to my mother in laws or I pop a short movie on after dinner.

13. What is your bedtime routine?

Bedtime is pretty much pj’s, a short story, teeth and bed. The baby stays down with us until we’re going to bed and I let the big kid stay up an hour later than her siblings. She normally falls asleep on the sofa anyways, she’s shattered now that she is back in school.

14. Most importantly, when and where do you normally blog in those 24 hours? Do you have a schedule?

I try blog in between all the chaos. I spend a half hour in the mornings when the kids are napping and a couple of evenings during the week. I try write a couple of posts in one sitting and then I schedule them. I write a list of everything I need to do for the week and work my way through it when I’ve free time.

You can find Kellie here:

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Thanks so much Kellie for giving us a day of your busy daily life. Now, don’t we all wish to have such a supportive and helping hand dad?

If this is something you might be interested in, why not drop me a quick email to be featured as well and I will get back to you.

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  1. That’s exactly what I thought. All so structured and that with a seven week old baby!

  2. I’m loving this. I’m new to blogging and finding the whole business all-comsuming but thoroughly enjoyable. Am discovering new parenting bloggers every day to follow and admire, present company included! Looking forward to reading more, Sinead. 🙂

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