Family Trip to Killashee House Hotel

On Friday we started our first trip as a four piece. On the way to Killashee House Hotel in Co. Kildare not far from Dublin in fact. The journey actually wasn’t that bad. We left at a time where the kids were already fed and were due a nap. That was 1pm. The whole drive is normally 2 hours and 45 minutes. We had one stop at a big petrol station where hubby and Matthew fuelled up on some treats and I was feeding Chloe her bottle in the car a bit earlier as there was no point driving half an hour and stopping again for her bottle

I have to say Chloe was such a well behaved girl. She pretty much slept the whole journey. She loves her sleep that’s for sure. Previously when we traveled somewhere with Matthew when he was a bit younger he used to get fed up in the seat and wanted down so one of us ended up going into the back and entertain him. This improved a lot. I didn’t even have to take the iPad with me to keep him entertained with movies or Peppa Pig episodes. (never mind the fact that I actually forgot about taking it with me anyway) He had his normal nap time and the other time he played with his cars and trains and spotted big trucks and tractors on the way. He loves looking out the window now.

5pm came and we arrived at Killashee House Hotel


We checked in and went up to our deluxe room which was located on the second floor. Matthew was scared of the lift but daddy was there to carry him. Checking out the room and changing a few nappies we went down to get some dinner in the bistro. The hotel was very castle like. It is a popular venue for weddings, too.

2015-07-24 17.48.01

Unfortunately my meal was way too spicy. I went for a Thai chicken but after a few spoons and my drink gone I couldn’t handle more. Matthew on the other hand loved his dinner. He ate even more when he heard he is going to get ice cream afterwards.


2015-07-24 18.48.43

While Matthew was finishing his ice cream Chloe and I went around and explored the hotel. Soon enough it was bed time for everyone. Unfortunately the bed room was way too hot for us and the kids. There was no air conditioning at all which I was surprised about as generally all hotels these days have them. For that reason we all didn’t sleep great.

In the morning at 9 am we went down to have some breakfast. Matthew enjoyed some toast and pancakes.

After that we explored the hotel grounds outside. The weather was lovely and sunny.

They had a butterfly garden with fountains and beautiful flowers. Matthew was a fan of the fountain and splashed in the water.

2015-07-25 09.27.22


2015-07-25 09.30.26


2015-07-25 09.59.52

Originally we have planned to stay two nights but because it was so warm we decided to leave earlier and later on that day we drove home again.

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  1. That looks like such a lovely place to stay. Matthew looks so happy exploring the garden, how lovely to have so time away as a family. Thanks so much for linking up to #Weekenders Janine, hope to see you link up again on Monday 🙂 x

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