Chloe is 6 months

My little once you new born girl has turned 6 months old today. Can you actually believe it? Because I can’t. It has been the fastest 6 months ever. This also means I will be returning to work again. My first day back at work will be on Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday in Ireland.

Now sit back and read up on how Chloe developed the past month.

DSC05784Height/Weight: Chloe hasn’t had any check ups in forever so I don’ really know what weight she is but going after her clothes she must be around 9 kg I’d say if no even more. Height wise I don’t really know either but she has always been in the average centile chart.

Sizes: Chloe is now in 6-9 months clothing full time. Some clothes could actually be 9-12 months. Better bigger than too small. But if I compare to the big retailers like H&M and Next she is in 6-9 months clothes. Nice and snug though.

Bedtime: She is a brilliant sleeper. She is now going to bed at 8 pm shortly after her brother is gone to bed. She then sleeps any time between 7 and 8 am. I don’t think anyone would complain about that.

Feeding: The weaning is going great. She is now on 3 full meals a day which is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes in the morning though she is already full from her bottle so at the moment I am giving her more fruit than cereal as lately she has been having problems with dirty nappies. I don’t want to cause her any more discomfort so we are on pears, plums and apples. I have also reduced her bottles down from 5 to 4. She is not a big fan of bottles at lunch time and in the afternoon I have to say but that is not a big deal as she is getting solids, so should be even.

Other things happened this month:

– she grabs anything in side of her and puts it in her mouth
– she developed eczema like her brother but not a big deal as we already know how to treat it.
– loves shaking her soft ball
– tried some ice cream for her teething
– she still doesn’t sit up yet

2015-07-08 10.51.31


2015-07-09 07.51.26


2015-07-27 18.08.11

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