Four Weeks In the New Home – Settling In

I can’t believe it has almost been four weeks since we moved into our new home. Tomorrow it will be four weeks to be exact. Time is surely flying. It will be Christmas before we know it. I like the fact we settled in well before Christmas. The least you want is stress about going through the Snag list.

It is still quite surreal that I am now a homeowner myself. The last four weeks have been quite busy, getting it right. On top of that I am working full-time 15 mins from our new home. Unfortunately the kids were off creche for a couple of days too in the last two weeks because they picked up some sort of bug. They’re okay now though.

Buying a house can be a quite stressful time. They reckon moving into a new home is nearly as stressful as a death in your family. Quite shocking statistics in my opinion. I think we did quite well with the move and the organisation of it. I take my hat off to my hubby though who managed to close off the sale on our old house and manage to have the deal done on the same day for the new house. Dealing with the solicitor daily, paying the deposit, etc. There is so much that you have to take into account. He is not a first time buyer and because we both bought the house together, this didn’t apply to me either.

The rules are the same for everyone though. The recent announcement from the Irish Government and its Help to Buy incentive in Budget 2017 is designed to assist first time buyers obtain the required deposit to secure a mortgage to buy or build a new home. Although buying your first home might seem like a complicated process, which can take months or even years to get in shape to apply for one, AIG Ireland has designed a step by step guide to buying a house a Ireland that takes you through the steps you will have to take to get through the process. I found this infographic very useful and it’s great to look back on it and see “Oh yeah, I did that. Thank god we managed to get through that”.

At the time of buying your first home, the lenders require you to have a life as well as a home insurance. This applied to us too as a second time buyer. Luckily all we had to do is move everything across from the old house to the new one.

We moved house on a Friday. It’s supposed to be good luck I heard. I went ahead with the two cats in tow and met the movers company at the new house that afternoon. While they were moving everything back into its place, Michelle from Capital Homes called in to congratulate me on our new home. She handed me over a hamper and the keys to our new home.

Since then we have been going through the snag list. This week we got our final light fittings done and we even got two TV’s installed. It’s nice to see that the house is finally taking shape and it feels homey. The best part is the play room. Having all the toys in one room and not falling over one in the living room is the best feeling ever. I am in the middle of designing it at the moment. I am planning to paint it too, same for the kids bedrooms but that might have to wait until the new year.


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