A New Milestone – First Shoes

Last weekend Chloe and I decided to explore County Kildare a bit more, our new home county. People who follow me on Instagram, might know that Chloe started walking around four weeks ago. She has been wearing soft shoes for the last three weeks which she absolutely loves. It is recommended to wait with proper shoes until they walked for a few weeks. So last week I decided to buy her first pair of shoes.

Two weekends ago we actually drove down to Kildare village because apparently the Clarks Outlet is cheaper than any other shop. I got her measures which she didn’t like at all. She kicked up a fuss. I don’t blame her though. Somebody strange she doesn’t know touching her feet and putting them into this strange thing and put a measuring tape around it. She was measured at a 3G. Because it’s an outlet, you had to go and pick your shoes yourself which was completely new to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any kind of decent shoes. They were either too small or too big. They didn’t have her size at all. So I decided to leave it.

During last week Chloe was sick but she was getting better. I decided to take a trip to Newbridge as she needed some fresh air anyways. ย I heard good things about the White Water Shopping Centre. Once we found it, we went to Clarks and got measured properly again. This time she measured a 3 1/2 G. Good job we double checked. I picked a pair of shoes and the woman came out with the right size and Chloe tried them out and had a little walk which she wasn’t too happy about. It is a bit strange in fairness to go from a soft sole to a hard sole. The advisor thought it might be best to try out a H size. She had more space in it. They fit perfect. I bought them. They were expensive but I prefer spending a bit more knowing they are good for her feet, rather than buying something cheap.


It’s not the ideal time of the year to buy first shoes for a girl because it’s getting cold. I couldn’t put her in boots straight away though when she is not even used to proper shoes yet. I do plan on buying her cute little UGG boots for the winter time. They just look adorable. So at 21 months she finally has her first pair of shoes. Such a milestone to reach.


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