How Important is a good Internet Connection? #BroadbandAndMe

Over 3.2 billion people use the internet every single day. That is nearly half of the population of the whole world. It’s amazing how technology has moved on in the last twenty years. From the time we had to turn the modem on and no one was able to make phone calls or no one was able to call you, to a super fast internet connection. The internet has become an important factor in everyone’s daily life.

In work

A good internet connection is very important to me, particularly in my job. If there was no decent internet, I wouldn’t be able to perform. Our phone system is connected to the internet. If it goes down, no one can call the support line which means unhappy customers. I am using the internet to connect to the customer’s PC and help them out with their problem. Without the internet, this would not be possible. Many jobs these days depend on a fairly good connection. There are so many different providers out there who offer different deals and different internet speeds such as business fibre for up to 76MBps.

At home

At home we are using fibre. We have no real need for a fast internet connection. The speed we have at the moment is 60MBps. It needs to be just enough to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos and of course work on my blog. We have a few tablets lying around which are used by the kids every now and again. Either to play games or to watch Netflix. On a rare occasion we play Nintendo Wii U. Particularly we love challenging other people online in Mario Kart.

On the phone

My phone would be another source I use quite a lot daily to browse the internet or social media. Not all the time I would be connected to the Wifi, especially when I am on the go. Not too long I upgraded my plan to avail of 4G. It’s pretty much like being on the Wifi. Of course this is not available in all regions of Ireland, like the rural countries but most of the time I would have the 4G symbol.


Whether you are living abroad or you are on holidays and you want to contact a loved one via Skype, I had many good and bad experience with the connection using Skype, particularly when you use the video option. You would generally require a decent connection otherwise the quality of phone and video call is quite poor.


These days there are very few people who go into a shop and buy a physical CD.  Either you listen to music on Spotify, or you download music via iTunes.

The conclusion is, we are pretty reliable on the internet these days.

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