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We might have had a relaxing weekend with no day out but I feel like I have been to the gym every single day. Sore legs, sore arms, sore back, simply because I started working on the garden to create a  flower bed with a few trees and shrubs. If you want to work out on a budget, pick up the shovel and dig.

Our weekend started off with Matthew’s weekly swimming session. He has only two more lessons to go and the ten week course is over. I then have to decide whether I keep going or we all just sign up in a gym that has a pool and go swimming every now and again. He is not a great listener at the moment and I feel I am wasting my time sending him to the lessons. Once the lessons was finished, we stopped off at Smyths. He was wrecking my head to get the Transfomers called Grimlock. His birthday is just in two weeks and this was part of it. Now his selection is complete at least.

After that we had some lunch together and little Chloe had her creche friend coming over for the first time. Matthew didn’t know what do with himself. It was always him that had friends over and now Chloe. Hubby was playing with him in the living room in the end so the two toddlers could enjoy some play time together out and inside. They are so funny together. You’d swear they are twins with the same hair cut and all.

Sunday hubby had to go to work as he is working on a project that is due. He normally doesn’t work weekends. We spent the day in the garden because the weather was amazing. The forecast said rain but it was the complete opposite. We got out all the toys we had from the shed and some chalk. The kids were easily entertained and loved playing water guns as well as in the sand pit. We also enjoyed some lunch outside.

Normally Chloe goes up for her nap after lunch but if you are a regular reader, you will know she refuses to sleep in her room in the last two weeks. I skipped her nap and instead we had some down time in the living room. I decided to rent Boss Baby on the Sky store which we haven’t watched before. Along with some treats such as, sweeties, popcorn and chocolate raisins. They sat through the whole film and it was nice just to sit down and not chase after them or do housework.

Living Arrows

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Sitting down and sharing a film always makes a good break from chasing around! #livingarrows

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