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I have been reading about these questions on Facebook that are making their rounds. Questions you should ask your toddler. I thought I am going to mix it up a bit and put a few additional questions into it which Matthew can actually understand. I tried asking him certain questions and he didn’t seem to understand what they mean. He was thinking and thinking and going “ehm”,  but he couldn’t answer me. So I added a few easier questions that were no problem to him. He does like playing with the kids in creche and interacts with them. When it comes to speech and having a conversation with them, we definitely have to work on that one. I am so glad that he doesn’t start school until next September. He will have just turned five. A lot can change in a year.

Last week Matthew started pre-school. It is not as much of a big deal to us than it is to other parents. You are wondering why? Well, he has been in creche/nursery since the age of 5 months. It means he has his routine in the premises for years. Entering pre-school just basically meant that he has a bit more of a schedule and he is getting learn more to prepare him for big school next year. He has been in the pre-school since June. It means he already got a taste of it since. When we go to creche every morning, we don’t say “We are going to creche” anymore. Now we are saying “We are going to pre-school”. It seems a lot easier on him because he likes going. Sometimes we had the odd occasion where he went in crying or didn’t want to leave my side.

The other day I was chatting to him what he is actually doing in pre-school at the moment because I don’t really get to hear what he is doing. When I collect him he is usually outside or his teacher is already gone home. Yesterday was example he was telling me that he learnt the numbers. Now he already can count to 20 but we haven’t really practiced the numbers much in ages. He proudly counted for me before bedtime. He got a lot better at colouring two. A few weeks ago he was just scribbling all over the page. He is actually asking me now if he can colour in his Paw Patrol book and he is sitting at the table concentrated with the tongue out and is doing brilliant.

So this evening I asked him a few questions. Maybe it’s something you would like to use as well and ask your own child. He/she doesn’t have to be a pre-schooler.


1. What makes you happy?

The TV

2. What makes you sad?

Chicken spots

3. How old are you?


4. How old is mammy?


5. How old is daddy?


6. What is your favourite thing to do?

Going to creche

7. Who is your best friend?


8. What did you do today?

Played with toys in creche,  Bob the Builder

9. What is your favourite food?

Chicken nuggets and chips

10. What is your favourite song?

The spider. (Incy Wincy Spider)

11. What is your favourite animal?


12. What does daddy do for work?


13. Where do you live?

In a house

14. Where is your favourite place to go?

To the shop

15.  What do you want for your birthday next year?

My cake and candles

16. What scares you?

The bee

17. What is your favourite colour?


18. What is your favourite toy?

The fire engine

19. What is your favourite fruit?


20. What do you like eating for lunch?

Sandwich and crisps

21. What is your favourite book?

Paw Patrol book

15 thoughts on “Interview with a Pre-Schooler

  1. Aw, I don’t even know where that came out of because we never dealt with Giraffes before. x

  2. Yeah I am playing to do the interview again next year but then he will be a big school kid 🙂

  3. Aww love this. My daughter started preschool too this year but has been going to nursery since she was a baby. Still a big step. I did an interview with her about school. So cute. Love how the favourite place is to the shop lol x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…My First Ever VLOGMy Profile

  4. I love reading these – The things these kids come out with really do blow you away. I remeber asking Hayden what he wnated for his 4th birthday (meaning present) and his said candles and baloons too.
    I should do this with Hayden, I”m sure he’ll give me endless L O Ls
    Little Matthew is adorable 🙂
    Charlotte x
    Charlotte Braithwaite recently posted…KUBO and The Two StringsMy Profile

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