Keeping the Play Room Clean with Dusty the Garbage Truck *Review*

We are getting to a stage now of Lego everywhere. Not too long ago Matthew was not into Lego at all and didn’t understand how to build it following the instructions. However as he got a lot of Lego for his birthday back in August, I sat down with him and we did a set every weekend. He slowly got the hang of it and he happily sits and builds things now.

During BlogOn Xmas in September I came across a company who are doing a funny looking truck called Dusty. Dusty has been a big hit in the house and is in action almost every day.

With Dusty kids are encouraged to tidy up after themselves but at the same time they still enjoy playing. Dusty is able to sweep up all the toys together with his motorised mouth. Drive him along to eat up all the toys lying across the floor. He works on hardwood floors as well as carpet. Simply press the red button on the handle to eat up all the toys (as demonstrated in the video below).

Dusty also has a pipe along the side to put in smaller bits. Chloe specifically loves that. I picked up the truck the other day and found a lot of small bits she must have dumped into it. The truck has over fifty phrases such as “Dusty is my name, cleaning is my game”. Once the truck is full,  press the unlock button at the top of the truck to open up the back. His whole body unlocks which makes it easy to tilt over and empty all the blocks into a box.

What we thought of it:

My kids are five and nearly three. The toy is aimed at children from the age of three which makes it perfect for both of them. I would say any child ranging from three to maybe eight or so would get great fun out of this. It’s very easy to use. You have to give it a bit of a push to sweep it all up but the kids are well able to do so. The kids approve.

Dusty the Garbage Truck is available from any toy stockist such as Smyths, Amazon and Asda for £29.99.

Disclaimer: We received this product for the purpose of this review. As always this is 100% my own opinion

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