Our Family Travel Bucket List 2018

Do you find yourself planning out the holidays for the entire year come January? The trigger seems to be Christmas. I already have a week of work behind me. However, because I had such a nice time off over the festive season, I already feel like planning another holiday for us all. Plus, January always seems to be the month of deals and percentages off, particularly flights.

I absolutely love traveling. I wish it would be a bit more mutual on hubby’s side of things. Ever since I turned five, my mum and me went on a summer holiday every year. We’ve been to mostly Europe but we also made it to Tunisia and Bulgaria. Even during the winter holidays we managed to go on a skiing holiday, up until the point where there was no more snow in Germany. There is so much to see in the world and I would love for my own children to have the same opportunity.

In no particular order the destinations below would be something I’d like to pick from this year.


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Surprisingly, even though I just lived an hour away from the coast when I was back in Germany, I never made it to Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Norway. Flights to Scandinavia are ranging from two to three hours which I think is okay for children. I’d love to experience Finland in the winter time. It always looks so magical when you see it online and you can stay in these cool cottages underneath the stars. Norway I can imagine being lovely over the Spring period.


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Visiting my home country should be something I do once a year but last year went so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to book flights and go for a long weekend. Hubby is not the biggest fan of heat. Matthew’s school holiday is not until the end of June which means it’s going to be hot already in places like Spain. He much prefers something a little cooler. Summer in Germany is actually very nice and bearable. We might head to the beach not far from where I used to live. The Baltic Sea was always my favourite place to go to as a child.


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This probably won’t be on the cards for this year but hopefully next year. I always end up going on holidays in Spain. Portugal is right beside it and in fact less travel time from Ireland. I have heard only good things about it and despite it being a bit warm during the Summer, it might be an option for us as a family. I do love the sun and a bit of beach with lazing around.


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If you follow my blog for quite some time, you will know that last year at Easter we set sail on the ferry on the way to the UK. We had such a nice time that we have been speaking about going again this year. This time maybe further South. I was thinking of either Butlins or maybe near Windsor Castle. Legoland is nearby now that Matthew is into Lego. The hotel looks class.


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Years ago going on a cruise ship used to be for retired people. These days though it is very popular for everyone, even families. The ultimate cruise I’d love to do is the Disney Cruise of course but I’d say we give that another few years, when the kids are a bit older. There are many other European cruise that can be enjoyed such as a Mediterranean one.  However there is the risk of the family members getting sea sick. I have only ever been on one ferry in the last fifteen years or so and that wasn’t a problem. I suppose you can only give it a try.

What are your family travel plans this year?

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  1. Hoping to go to Disney World Florida with the three kids next October. It’ll be a few days in Orlando then onto Tampa to visit family. The summer is too hot for me in Florida so October it is more bearable and less busy. It’ll be a long flight for our youngest, who will be 2 and a half, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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