Living Arrows 19/52 – Irish Summer

What an amazing weekend it has been. The sun decided to finally stay a bit longer, in fact she is still out there and meant to stay high up in the sky until Thursday. We are getting spoiled for sure. It’s time for Living Arrows where I am sharing one photo of each child to capture their childhood. I will be doing this every week.

Our weekend started off pretty easy going. Saturday was dedicated to getting a few jobs done in and around the house. It was also the day Matthew’s bed was delivered. As Chloe is getting to the age of moving into an actual bed, I thought it would be the perfect timing to move Matthew from a junior bed to a single bed. This will make him such a big boy, especially now that he is starting school in September. I am slowly starting on designing both kids bedrooms. It can take forever when you have two kiddies running around all day. But I am getting there. I managed to sell the nursing chair in Chloe’s room this weekend which gives her room so much space now. The fact that both rooms have a build in wardrobe I am also planning on selling her press. At the moment it fits into a nice little corner. I want that to be her reading corner.

On Sunday we planned to go to children’s museum and learn about all the different things in life. I had bought tickets in advanced. They weren’t that expensive though. I didn’t want to waste such a beautiful day indoors when we can spend it outside and at the beach.

In the morning I put sun cream on the kids and out we went. I even got the parasol out to give them a little bit of shade. They were happily playing for hours. Rushing down the slide, jumping off the slide, racing around on their ride ons and blowing bubbles.

Later that day we had lunch out in the garden and drove to the beach to have a run around on it and Matthew throwing stones in the water. He wasn’t brave enough to take off his shoes and socks to go into the water with his feet but maybe next time.

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  1. Aw what a lovely weekend. It looks so sunny and lovely those weekends are always so appreciated after miserable weather. They look like they had s fab weekend xxx

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