Living Arrows 28/52 – Garden Party & Playground

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  by Kahlil Gibran

Another weekend whizzed past us.  Again it was packed full of fun and adventures for the kids. We finally had the weather for it again as well. It was so warm. I know, I talk about the weather a lot don’t I? It does make you happier than rain and wind though.

Saturday morning was our normal routine. We were actually quite lazy this weekend and slept in until 8.30am both morning. It’s nice to have something like that too. I just can’t have it too often though because if I sleep too much I find I am getting headaches.  Matthew and me went to another swimming lesson. He is doing grand at it but he needs to listen to the teacher more. At the moment he is only at level 1 and there is eight levels. I could see him being in level one for probably a year but they all get there eventually I am sure.

When we came back from swimming, I packed up everything, we took on some snacks until we got to Raheny. I probably never mentioned this before on the blog. But over five years ago around 80 mums joined a Facebook group who were due to give birth in August 2012. We have been talking in the group every since giving and looking for advice as well as organising meet ups. One of the mums organises a Summer blow out party every July.  We attended for the first time this year. Up until now it was hard to come down all the way from Sligo. It’s so much easier now since we moved to get involved in things. Surprisingly Chloe was not glued to me as long as I thought and she played outside and in the playroom.

On Sunday we spent most of the morning outside. In the afternoon we attended the local tennis club fun open day. The point of it was to try out a bit of tennis. Matthew wasn’t up for it really. He only wanted to play with daddy but all courts were occupied and it was too busy in general. Maybe an evening. He enjoyed some jumping up and down on the two bouncy castles they had on site and 99 cone ice cream.

We decided to check out another playground located in the next town, only ten minutes away from Naas. I am glad we did. It’s very secure and has two types of playgrounds. One side is for the bigger kids and the other side for the smaller ones. We tried out both and the kids were having a ball. It must be a very popular playground because it was packed. It may have been the lovely weather as well.

Living Arrows

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  1. We are planning to get a new slide but then something else always comes in the way. x

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