Kildare Farm Foods With the Whole Family

Not too long ago, in fact just two weekends ago, my friend and her boyfriend were staying with us for a weekend away in Kildare. Prior to that we took to the world wide web to see what days out we could plan. We looked at options for indoor as well as outdoor activities. You never know what the weather may be like. But we were promised no rain.

In the end we decided to go to Kildare Farm Foods, located just under half an hour from Naas. I know we have been living in Kildare only nine months but I can’t believe I haven’t come across this place until now. At lunch time we drove down and had our lunch in the cafe. It’s actually  massive and as well as a cafe they also have an area where you can buy fresh food like meat, eggs etc. They always have special offers on. The cafe was packed on the day but we managed to grab a seating area for us all.

I had a simple ham and cheese panini sandwich with some chips. It was delicious. Chloe picked here and there. She is never a good eater anyway (except in creche of course). While we were sitting down, eating our lunch, it was drizzling outside. This didn’t stop us from trying out all the other things on the farm though.

There is a train that drives around the farm and you can see all the animals at the same time without getting wet. It is designed very clever actually.  The train has its own little train station which comes into the building where the cafe is located. Admission for a ride per person is €2.50. Very reasonable. I am going to link a video below with our train experience around the farm. Matthew was loving it and even Chloe took a liking to it in the end. Animals that can be seen are camels, ostriches, deers, etc. It also drives through a Wild West themed world located next to the crazy golf course.

When we returned to the train station, it was straight onto crazy golf. The farm offers an eighteen hole Indian crazy golf course. I mentioned before that since Matthew played mini golf in Spain last year, he has been loving it ever since. The course is indoor. Again this is handy to pass time on rainy or cloudy days. Children pay €5 each and adults €7 each. If you have four people playing, you pay only €20. Hubby didn’t want to play and Chloe is too small so we paid the four ball deal. Throughout the course they have Disney themed music playing. You’d think you are in Disneyland. Who doesn’t love Disney, right?

We spent around two hours on the farm. It’s just enough to cover lunch and all the other things you can do on site. The farm is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays 9am to 3pm. They are closed Sunday and bank holidays. I would certainly recommend this place. Probably one of the best days out we had in a while. Considering school holidays have well and truly started, you can definitely take your kids on a trip here during the week.

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