Living Arrows 42/52 – Halloween Preparation

This weekend we decided to start on the decoration for Halloween. This means we get to see it longer. The kids were particularly happy about that. Matthew has asked me to start on it since last weekend. It does make the house look so much cosier

Saturday morning routine… we all got up for our breakfast. Then hubby took Matthew to swimming while Chloe and me went to Homestore and More to stock up on more decorations. Normally it’s me who brings him swimming but that way I get to go somewhere and none of us has to mind the two. Plus I get some quality time with my little girl. I actually can’t believe how much of a dream she is went it comes to go to shops. Matthew was the complete opposite and still is. He would easily run off and he wouldn’t care.

The retail park is only a fifteen minutes drive from us. To our surprise they opened up another store over the Halloween period. The shop was called Halloween HQ. We went in for a little look in there, too. Nothing that caught my eye really. Most of it was Halloween costumes and us four already got ours from Asda. We walked to Homestore and More and I picked up slightly more decorations than I thought I would buy. Also Chloe got Halloween balloons out of the whole shopping trip. So she was a happy bunny.

After that I decided to stop in Lidl and get some rolls in the bakery. I love Lidl’s bakery. I spotted some Halloween donuts. We could just simply not leave without them. We had these later in the afternoon.

As the weather wasn’t too bad and the kids started to  get a bit of cabin fever, we decided to go for a walk around the estate before dinner time. We live beside a big green which has a path going all the way around it. They finally opened this one or two weeks ago. Both kids took their bikes and went around. While enjoying some fresh air, we found two trees that had conkers on them. There wasn’t many left as I think the season is nearly over for them. But we managed to find a few and Matthew was delighted so we brought them home.

We haven’t decided what we are going to do with them yet. I am terrible when it comes to coming up with craft ideas. There is always Pinterest. Something I did quite often as a child are these mannequins.

Sunday Matthew had his football training in the morning. He absolutely loves it. He is always so happy when he gets to wear his football top. At lunch time I went off for a lunch date with some other mums who are in a Facebook group. They have kids who were born the same month as Matthew was.

Then surprisingly on Monday we had another day off from school, creche and work as ex hurricane Ophelia was running through the country. There were a few fallen trees and branches here and there but nothing too serious. The South was the worst affected area.

Living Arrows

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  1. Hubby doesn’t want me to go over the top. We went to the cousins house at the weekend and they have done it all up inside as well. It’s lovely but hubby would kill me if I do the same lol xx

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