Bye Bye Cot Bed

Last week was the end of an era in our house. After putting the cot bed on many different buy and sell groups online, it finally sold at the end of the week and it went to a better home. The cot bed days are gone. We got nearly a good five years out of it. It was such a good quality cot bed.

The cot bed was originally part of a bundle we have purchased when I was pregnant with Matthew well over five years ago. We bought it from Mothercare and it came with a big chest of drawers that had a changing unit attached. It was so handy and very good value for money. Each side of the cot had a teething bar. The height could be adjusted in three different ways. From the top, when they can’t roll yet, the middle when they start to roll and to the bottom when they start to stand.

Matthew loved his cot bed. If Chloe didn’t need it when she was grown out of her moses basket at the time, he could have continued on sleeping in it and just take the sides off. I remember the first night we started putting Matthew into his own room in the cot bed. He was about 4 months old. He slept so much better in it. His room shared a wall with our room in the old house. When he was in his moses basket beside our bed, he could be up at least once at night. Shockingly the first night he slept through until the morning. He was a pretty good sleeper in his early years, unlike Chloe.

There was the times when we had to rock him to sleep and transfer him slowly into this cot bed. Those times were a nightmare until we did the controlled crying which worked a dream. Never worked on Chloe though. Matthew was just used to it and he just needed to get out of the habit.

Once Chloe moved into the cot bed, Matthew got a junior bed from IKEA. The first few months Chloe used to get her bedtime bottle downstairs. Then we were watching lullabies and she would nod off to sleep. One of us would carry her up into her bed. We could be into her multiples a night because her dropping out. It was definitely better than it is now. Nowadays she doesn’t even fall asleep in her own bed anymore. We haven’t really made the effort trying to get her to sleep in it either to be honest.

After a busy day at work you just want them in bed to get some time to yourself. It is on the list though. More than likely Chloe will have to go to bed a bit earlier or Matthew a bit later and we try it then. Any suggestions welcome in the comments below, if you have been in the same situation.

There was times we were sitting at the end of the cot bed in Chloe’s room, in the darkness, waiting for her to nod off. As soon as she was asleep, we sneaked out. All parents out there probably know that sigh of relief when your kids are asleep.

The next chapter now is to get Chloe to go to sleep in her own room. I only finished decorating it a few weeks ago.

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