Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park – A Birthday Treat

Last week we set off on another adventure in County Kildare. Just before the weather gets bad (which it is right now!). Hubby and me took a day off to treat Matthew on his birthday while Chloe attended creche. It was nice to have one on one time and just focus on one child. I looked up beforehand where we could possibly go. This time we chose Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park. It looked good on the website.

The park is just a half an hour drive from Naas which is totally doable.  We could find the park with help from Google Maps no problem. As you arrive at the park, you pay your admission to the man who is sitting in the shed. The admission for two adults and one child is €23.  This includes absolutely everything. So no hidden charges basically. Obviously you have to buy your own food or you may want to bring your own and have a picnic.

Through the cafe they have a huge adventure play centre called Funky Forest. It’s actually brilliant. There are several ways to go, left, right, down, up. On the upper floor they even have some entertainment. Matthew and me tried it out because he loves playing these type of games. Downstairs there is also a little den where kids can watch a movie. At the time Toy Story was running. Next door you can also play some football which we tried out of course.

We proceeded back outside to have a look at the pet farm. The pet farm included, horses, donkeys, chickens and Llamas, as well as goats and pigs. Matthew wasn’t too keen touching them but he liked walking around and watch them. For whatever reason he really liked the chicken in the cage in the middle of the pet farm.

Next to the pet farm is a big playground. Kids at any age will definitely find something they like. There is big slides, small slides and enough climbing frames. I would rate the play area from two years of age up to whatever. You wouldn’t get bored but you also need the weather for it of course. We were lucky enough because it only started raining later on.

The play ground is surrounded by an 18 hole mini golf layout. As we all love a bit of mini golf and have tried out several ones over the last few months, we couldn’t give this one a miss. It’s well maintained for the horrible weather you can get in Ireland. Matthew even realised that some of the courses are shaped like a foot. I wouldn’t have even spotted that. Balls and clubs can be collected at the start of the course underneath the bridge. The last hole in fact you have to go upstairs over the bridge and shoot it into the hole which drops it into the basket. Genius.

It was time for some well deserved lunch in their cafe. Plenty of choice from hot food to sandwich. They have daily homemade soups and the price also fits. Matthew enjoyed some sausages and chips while mummy had a chicken goujons wrap with chips and daddy had soup and a toastie. Once we were all stuffed, it was off to the train that goes around the bog. It goes every hour. Depending on how busy it is, it sometimes goes every half an hour.

We didn’t manage to explore much of the grounds outside as it was just getting too wet. If you visit their website you can see the big map to find out what other things are available on site.

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  1. I don’t know that you can beat a farm and a playground in one place, well at least for my son! This place looks really great, and a fun day out for families, even in the rain!

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