Interview with a School Boy

This time last year I did an interview with Matthew who was then entering pre-school at the time. One year on and he has been going to big school almost two weeks already. I was curious to see what his answers would be now a year later. Year by year his speech would also improve. In fact he talks a lot now.

1. What makes you happy?

When I do my exercise

2. What makes you sad?

When nobody plays with me

3. How old are you?


4. How old is mammy?


5. How old is daddy?


6. What is your favourite thing to do?

Colouring in

7. Who is your best friend?


8. What did you do today?

Go outside

9. What is your favourite food?

Green apple

10. What is your favourite song?

Robots in Disguise

11. What is your favourite animal?


12. What does daddy do for work?

I don’t know

13. Where do you live?


14. Where is your favourite place to go?


15.  What do you want for your birthday next year?

I want a strong arm remote control car

16. What scares you?


17. What is your favourite colour?


18. What is your favourite toy?

Robots in Disguise

19. What is your favourite fruit?


20. What do you like eating for lunch?

Grapes and blueberries and sandwich

21. What is your favourite book?

Ten little dinosaurs

I compared the answers to the ones he gave last year. It’s funny to see but all the answers reflect on the things he is currently doing, currently loving, currently eating. Have you ever sat down with your child and asked him/her a set of questions and compared them with the previous year? I think this is going to become a yearly tradition now.

3 thoughts on “Interview with a School Boy

  1. What a cool idea! I’m doing similar with my friend’s little boy, who’s 5-so that for Christmas I can make them a photobook with his answers as captions. Hope they love it.

  2. Awww what a great yearly tradition. That broke my heart when he said ‘when nobody plays with me!’ What a little sweetheart. I really want to interview my daughter and see what she comes up with ! 😀

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