Matthew’s Fifth Birthday Party

We are heading into the weekend already. As I write this, my now five year old has completed two days of school this week. He is now watching some well deserved Lego City. The week has gone super fast. I had three days off this week and it’s back to normality next week. I could get used to dropping him and collecting him from school though.

As Matthew’s birthday fell on a Monday this year and everyone was due back to school or even starting school, I decided to bring his party one day forward. We were debating whether we should have the party in our house or in a play centre. In the end I went for the play centre option. Simply because it’s easier, less tidying up to do and it’s just two hours for the kids to play and eat. The cousins were invited over after the party. Also Matthew’s godfather came over last minute which was nice.

His party was not until one in the afternoon which gave me plenty of time to make the cake. I went with the simple option and picked up one of the chocolate swirl boxes from Betty Crocker. I am not the biggest cook or baker anyway so for that reason I didn’t want to risk anything. This was definitely fool proof. I also bought a tub of temptation chocolate icing that I spread across the cake. Just like every year I order the icing sheet from a company online. You can design it any way you want but I generally have something themed on it. This year it was Transformers Robots in Disguise.

The Fun Factory is a great place to hold a birthday party I have to say. We only came across it until Matthew was invited to one of his friends parties back in June. I am  glad we picked it. Even though it was a Sunday, the place was not busy at all. There were a few birthday parties before us but they cleared off to go upstairs and have their food. Matthew was having a brilliant time with his little friends. Every time we go to the play centre, he is straight in climbing and sliding. The play was ninety minutes. Plenty to make them hungry. I am never a fan of the Slushie drinks but because it was technically his birthday, daddy bought him one.

There were eleven kids in total. I think it was just a nice amount. They all had a bit of chips, nuggets and sausages. Some may have had too much ketchup. It was time to bring in the cake. Everyone started singing ‘happy birthday’ and Matthew blew out the candles straight away. The kids were all amazed by the Robot in Disguise edible icing sheet. Matthew took off the candles so they could all see it better.

The girl who looked after the party took the cake away to cut it next door. It went down a treat. One of the kids had a second portion in fact. Some of the adults also enjoyed a bit and the rest we took home. I handed out the party bags which I made myself. It was cheaper in the long run as the sweet bags in there were €2 per child. And because he had a Transformers themed party anyway, I bought Transformers party bags and filled them with sweets and chocolate.

It was time to go home. The cousins followed us and we continued with some more play time outside in the garden. He got so many presents that I only allowed him to open up three and the rest was for his actual birthday the next day.

For his actual birthday we took the day off and sent Chloe into creche. We never really get time with just him so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. For the day we went to Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park, a thirty minute drive from our house. For the three of us we spent €23, with no hidden cost. Obviously you will have to pay for your food but everything else on site was included.

We tried out the indoor play centre, the adventure play ground outside and the 18 hole mini golf around it. They also had a small pet farm. We had some lunch together and then went on the train which drove around the bog. The weather was getting a bit bad then and we headed home. Matthew had a great day out anyway and that’s the main thing.

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