How to Keep Memories of your Travels in one Place

The holiday season is coming to an end and some children are already back to school. You may have gone on a a mini break away or the big two week summer holiday abroad. Wherever it has taken you this year, I guarantee you, you have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. But what do you do with them?

Personally I am a big fan of taking photos of pretty much everything. I like capturing memories and having them right in front of me to remember. Even more so since I started blogging over three years ago. My blog is pretty much my diary and I love looking back on photos and posts associated with it in many years to come.  As hubby and I are working in IT, we are quite obsessed with techy things as well as looking after them. Ten years ago I would have stored my photos on CD’s or USB hard drives. Nowadays I think it’s just not as safe anymore. A CD can easily get a scratch, a hard drive can be corrupted due to transport, a drop or similar scenarios.

We have been depending on Dropbox for the last couple of years. It’s the best app that works for us. It all started off when I got a free trial a few years ago through my HTC phone. We have been using it ever since and I am willing to pay the annual fee of €99. It’s definitely worth it and I would recommend to everyone out there. Dropbox is cloud based. I find it’s the safest way to store documents, photos and more. I have also started storing all my blog related stuff on it.

Our Dropbox account is setup with several different folders. The kids have one folder each which is divided into their first year of childhood and every year after and so on. Main events like our summer holiday to Spain last year have their own folder. These days a lot of people are not making the effort anymore to create a photo album. It’s nice to have all the photos in one place but for special travels like our first ever family holiday abroad I did create a photo album. It’s just nicer to be able to open it up whenever we want and look at the memories we created. I have done the same when hubby and I traveled to New York. It’s special and not a journey you would do daily.

A few weeks ago I have also created a photo album of Chloe’s last year. We have thousands of photos of the kids on our Dropbox account and realistically we are not going to go through each folder. I picked out the nicest and most memorable photos and added them to an album. Now it’s there in the bookshelf, reachable whenever we want to and the kids love going through them too.

Another thing I like doing is print off the latest photos from the last year for example. I get these printed in a polaroid retro style. The memorable photo wall can be then found in our bedroom.  I rotate them maybe every six to twelve months.

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