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2016 is the year of improving/upgrading our home. After living in it for nearly 7 years you’d think everything is perfect but in fact owning a house always means updating it. I love doing this sort of stuff though. I am big into DIY projects. Obviously it is going to take a bit longer when you mind 2 kids but I am doing a bit of everything every weekend.

Matthew’s Bedroom

In December I wrote a post about changing Matthew’s bedroom. The painting is all done and I got all the bits and bobs that go on the wall. The only thing I didn’t do yet is assembling the bookshelf that will go in the corner behind the door. Once it’s all done, you will see a blog post and maybe a little video of my finished work.

Spare Bedroom

2016-01-13 13.52.40

We had a lot of discussions about this one. Right now the spare bedroom has a bed in it and hubby’s computer table so he has his little office in the corner. The living room is basically a playroom and toys are just everywhere. We did go into the extremes as well to have an extension out the back but we would be basically left with no garden pretty much. Tiny corner anyway. I know the weather is bad in Ireland and we are never out in the garden anyway but it’s still nice to look out into the garden. So this is going to be a chill out/ playroom in the next few months which is probably the biggest project.


2016-01-14 20.52.45

There is one messy corner in our kitchen. The press mainly stores towels, napkins and board games. Beside it is a wooden toy box with toys who are no longer played with. I want to replace this with a storage unit from Argos so it looks nice and neat. Something like this. And I will have boxes inside it. This means the living room will look cleaner too as that’s where most of the toys are stored at the moment.


2016-01-13 13.53.24

The bathroom is not as important but I do want to upgrade it a bit. For a long time now the toilet roll mounted to the wall is annoying me because it is done in such a way that you can’t reach it properly. Also my press with all my cosmetics and stuff I might change to a different colour other than white. But I haven’t put any thought into it yet because my other press is white too and I am not planning on changing that. It does need some colour though other than white so this can only be done with decorations because the bathroom walls are tiled.

Are you planning on any upgrades in your own home?

15 thoughts on “Home Improvement for 2016

  1. I really like your spare room, both the colour and the little design on the wall. I hope that’s staying when it becomes a chill room! We are hoping to upgrade our kitchen this year. I always love it when it’s done but the process is a nightmare isn’t it?x

  2. I really wanted to spend this year updating our house. After my husband and I were both made redundant within 10 months of each other we knew moving would be impossible. So far we have done the bath room and turned the dining room into a play room with a smaller dining room table. Next will be the cellar. Staring for my clothing range and a utility room. Good luck with your updates! xx
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  3. We are in the midst of updating our house too and it can be so daunting. We rent so can’t do much about decor unfortunately but looking forward to getting new bits and pieces of furniture.

  4. How exciting! I am so jealous! I would love to decorate our house but it’s privately rented so I know any changes will have to be changed back if we ever move.

    Our last house was apparently a long term lease so I decorated the nursery. I did a mural straight onto the wall (with permission) and it looked great. Two months later they decided to sell. Goodbye mural. I will never try to decorate a rental ever again.

  5. It’s just a never ending cycle isn’t it? As a home-owner, no sooner as you complete one thing, you have to start all over again! It’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge — just on a slightly smaller scale!! 😉
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  6. I love seeing before and after photos. I can’t wait to see the transformations. We’re re-doing our office, bedroom and nursery this year. I’m so excited to get started. xx #love2blog

  7. Ah we have so many DIY/ interiors plans too. We’ve lived in our house for over 8 years now and every year there is a new project on the go. But I love slowly rebuilding and re-working our home, its lovely to look bacon how hard we’ve worked to make it just right x x

  8. I love posts like this. We recently renovated our home. Every room is white and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see the transformation. I wrote about our whole house renovation over on my blog http://www.roseyhome.com if you need some inspiration or are just wondering where to start. X

  9. I love the green you have in the spare bedroom – I love lime green! We have a lot of things we’d love to do…. bathroom, kitchen, ensuite etc but our main priority is getting Little Miss’ big girl room ready. x
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