How often do you visit the Zoo?

As a child I loved going to the zoo. My mum and me took a trip on the train for about an hour and a half to the next city to go to a big zoo. Berlin Zoo has to be my favourite one though. I think we went to the zoo at least once a year. Both my kids have seen many different zoos over the last few years.

We have been to the zoo in Spain, we’ve been to the zoo in the UK but we have also been to the zoo in Dublin this year.  The question is how many times is too much to visit the zoo? If you live nearby a zoo and it is the only zoo in the area or even in the country, would you take the kids every few months? The last time we went to the zoo, was March of this year. It wasn’t the greatest weather but the kids, particularly Matthew, had a ball seeing all the different animals.

Dublin Zoo, probably just like any other big zoo, offers an annual pass for a family of four for €180. Can you justify that price? I mean living close to Dublin now and with the zoo only a thirty minutes drive away, it is quite handy to have it so close now but I can imagine that my kids would get bored after a while. The animals are the same every time. Sometimes you even have to visit at certain times because the animals have gone for a nap or need to be cleaned. When we visited in March, we did see a good bit but not a lot of the main animals like elephants or tigers. The admission for Matthew’s age is €13, for us adults it’s €17.50. I would be very vary what times you paying the zoo a visit.

In my opinion Chloe is yet a bit young to get the whole experience of a zoo. Luckily though in Dublin Zoo children under the age of three are free which I find really good. Matthew is only slowly getting into the whole zoo and animal interest. Though Dublin Zoo has added on more things. This makes the place more exciting and make people visit more. They have recently opened up a new section called Zoorassic World. That wasn’t there when we last visited. I would be interested to see that and Matthew loves dinosaurs so I am sure he’d be delighted, too.

To me it’s about the varieties of zoos/farms available and not about visiting the same zoo multiple times a year. Once a year is definitely enough for us in that case.

Do you go to the zoo much?


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