How I gained Readers through Twitter

Social media is a good way for bloggers to gain readers and followers. Sometimes it can be hard though and you have to put a serious effort into hour blog. I have been blogging over three years now and I’m slowly getting there.

Even though my favourite social media platform is Instagram, when it comes to my blog, I much prefer Twitter. I tell you why…

People find you a lot quicker, you can search words and nor just hashtags, it’s great for holding conversations and best of all, I can promote my content better.


Aby from YouBabyMeMummy has been a blog I have been following for quite some time. In fact since she started out. One of the the tools she recommends is SocialOomph to promote your blog content. There is a fee for it per year and it’s not the cheapest BUT it’s the best money I paid. I don’t regret it one bit.

I have been using SocialOomph for nearly a year. SocialOomph is the tool which made it possible for me to gain more readers as well new followers. I get a lot of traffic because of it everyday.

Some people may find it annoying when they see someone posting their blog content quite frequently.  Mine is posted on the hour. As I have quite a few posts to go out, you could see content every five or ten minutes. I know bloggers who hate it and I know bloggers who swear by it. If you don’t have many people you follow, I do see how it can be annoying.


I am trying to run a few giveaways throughout the year. The plan was one every month but I haven’t planned that out yet. For my giveaways I use a tool called Rafflecopter. Another popular one is Gleam. It’s completely up to you which one you prefer. One of the criteria in my blog giveaways are that you have to follow me on Twitter and retweet the giveaway. I have gained a few compers as readers who are in fact a parent too and like reading my content.

I’m a part time compers myself at the moment and so I use the same account to enter competitions via Twitter myself to mix up the content between the blog posts I promote. I am also trying to engage with other bloggers and retweet their stuff.

It’s hard to keep on top of it all when you have content to write as well every day nearly but for 2018 I am buying myself a proper planner.

2 thoughts on “How I gained Readers through Twitter

  1. I know Emma, it’s not for everyone. For me Twitter is the best social media source to get views, comments and re/tweets on posts. I am trying to update my posts regularly to not annoy people but certain ones I want to go out every hour and other ones are just okay every 2 or 3 hours. I paid good money for the SocialOopmh so I am trying to get the most out of it. Thought I am still trying to figure out about the frequencies. It’s very annoying when it overlaps with another tweet.

  2. I’m someone who’s fed back to you (and others) because I’ve seen 7+ posts on the trot in one go on twitter. Given I follow 4k people on there, that to me is an issue if I’m seeing that much from one person. Often it’s the same tweet (don’t think that’s ever been yours). Tbh it puts me off following that person because it’s too much. Personally I wouldn’t want to annoy my follows that much for the sake of a few extra views, but given the ‘I don’t care’ feedback from most people who use social oomph, people aren’t going to change their use of it. I guess I’m on twitter a few times through the day as well.

    I do schedule – I use hootsuite, but I share a link 7 times a day between 4.30am-10pm, because then I hope to be able to talk inbetween as well as just throwing out links. It doesn’t always work because I’m at work, and it does look bad on my account. But to get a few more views, I could probably add in another 3 links a day without annoying people. None of my tweets are the same (unless I schedule some for a year out, then I’ll use the same tweet) and that’s also less offensive and spammy in my view.

    If you just want views, then social oomph works. It’s definitely not for me.

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