Our Christmas 2017

I know, I know, it’s been well over a week since it was Christmas Day. But the blog is mainly for looking back on our memories over the years and the fact I took a blog break, I have to keep this safe on my little blog and even write about it in January. Christmas has been lovely. We could enjoy it a bit more this time because I was off all throughout the festive season and wasn’t back to work until the new year. This was such a nice break that it was hard to get back into the swing again.

The Christmas break started for us two days before Christmas Eve. Last minute I booked a half day that Friday as I had one left… might as well use it so I don’t have to carry it over. Matthew also finished earlier in school and so I decided to pick up Chloe earlier from creche and start the holiday together. I had to pick up a few last bit and pieces but the main grocery shopping was done a few days beforehand.

Christmas Eve started off with a nice Irish breakfast and shortly after that the kids cousins arrived. They all played together for a little why and after lunch we decided to go for a walk along the river. The wind was a bit cold but were all wrapped up warm. It started to rain so we made our way back to the car. At home we put the fire on, lifted the feet up and watched some TV. At the same time I had to make the traditional potato salad.  (last year making this, as hubby confessed he doesn’t like it that much)

The cousins left shortly after. Just before dinner time we decided to sit in front of the Christmas tree to open up some presents from friends, family and us parents. This is what we do in Germany but at the same time we do Santa down the chimney on Christmas Day, too. The kids were certainly spoilt, particularly by their godmother in Germany.

After dinner they were mad into playing with all their different toys. I actually put some away until the next morning so they get to play with one thing properly first before moving onto the next one. Bedtime was getting close. It was time to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Brush the teeth, read the story and go to sleep so Santa can arrive. Christmas can be very hectic as well, there is so much going on, I forgot to put the treats out for Santa and the reindeer. I quickly made up for it and took out the milk, biscuit and carrot.

The next morning we got woken by Matthew just after 7.30pm shouting “Santa came”, which in fairness wasn’t a bad time to wake up at all. We had quite a lot of sleep ins this festive season. It’s nice to not rush in the mornings for once. Chloe is not an early riser anyway and likes her sleep ins. We all sprinted downstairs, opened the door and found the two sacks filled with presents.

Chloe was so excited to be able to open up her sack and see all the presents. She literally jumped with happiness. As her main present Santa brought her a doll house. She mixes up the rooms a bit but at least she is having fun playing. I will probably sit down with her one day and explain all the different rooms to her.
Matthew was gifted with a lot of Transformers and some Lego. He is really into Lego now and started following the instructions. Sometimes he still needs a little bit of help but it’s rare.

Rest of the day we spent in front of the TV watching movies, having some sweets and chocolate and playing some games. I started putting on the Christmas dinner. This year it was turkey. I rotate normally between turkey and duck. It was turkey this time. I added on roast potatoes and roasted parsnips and carrots this year. Never made them like that before but I wish I had because it was delicious. Hubby even said it has been the best Christmas dinner I made so far over the last years. And I am not the best cook.

Rest of the day was again playing with toys, watching TV until it was time for bed. We had a very chilled out Christmas. The weather was horrible and cold too so we actually didn’t get to go outside for walks much.

How did you spend your Christmas?

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