A Visit to Santa at Palmerstown House Estate

Did you all have a good start into the new year? The festive season has gone by so quickly and I haven’t even got a chance to write up all my Christmas related posts yet. I think it is still okay to do so when the new year has only just started. I took a break over Christmas and just didn’t want to blog at all. It’s nice to get a break for once I think and not feel under pressure with the blog. The day before Christmas Eve we were heading to see Santa down the road.

Palmerstown House Estate is located just outside Naas. It’s great that we didn’t have far to travel. It meant I could actually book a later slot. The Santa Train Experience had to be booked well in advanced. When I say that, I mean in September. Tickets were gone so quickly because the place is so popular. We haven’t been to see Santa in three years. Chloe was just too little and she still is. Matthew had a ball though.

We arrived for our 4pm slot… on time. In fact we were so early, they gave us the 3.45pm slot to join. People must have pulled out last minute maybe. Once we checked in and received our boarding pass, we were brought downstairs to the kids entertainment and waited on the train to arrive, rather than waiting in the cold outside. It was actually mild that day though, thankfully. They had a few games like connect four, the kids could get their face painted and dance with the Smurfs.

It was time to go outside and queue for the train. After a few minutes it arrived. The kids were super excited to see it. Chloe used to be afraid of it a while ago but she has been on so many in the mean time that she is kind of okay with it now. The journey from the main entrance to Santa’s house was about five minutes past the golf course which is also a reason why people go there very often.

On our arrival we were brought into a room with a screen and a story teller. It was to find the magic in Christmas. Next it was onto Mrs. Clause telling a story. The rooms were really cosy and warm and I find the whole experience was well organised. They definitely had lots of people behind it.

It was time to meet the real man. We queued up at the main door waiting for one of the elves to open it and guide us to the next door to meet Santa. Of course Chloe was afraid to go beside him but she is two years old after all. While Matthew was having a chat with him telling him what he wants for Christmas. We then had our family photo taken with Santa and left. A little incident happened while we were there. As one of the elves handed me back my camera, she got caught in the strap and the camera fell down. The lens was bend! Thankfully the next day I could go to the camera shop early in the morning and get it put back in place. Christmas was saved.

We went back on the train to head back to the main part of the estate. On side they had a little carousel and some food stands. With the experience we got a free ride each for the kids. Chloe stayed with me while Matthew went on the doubledecker bus. It was time to head home. Overall the experience took us less than an hour which I have to say is great. I really don’t like anything too long winded. The kids wouldn’t hang around for that and get bored quickly.

Have you been to see Santa?

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