Shopping + Night Out in Galway

My best pal came over for a spontaneous visit last week for a few days. It was nice to see her again before the new year as I don’t think I will manage to fly over one more time before Christmas, especially with 2 kids, unless I am taking Matthew or Chloe but I didn’t plan to go anyway.

Karo and I like planning ahead what we can do the time she is here, instead of sitting in the house for those few days. Galway came into my mind because I recently won a stay in one of their hotels but hubby was telling me that it is at least 30 mins away from Galway which means it wasn’t an option at all. But we stayed with the idea of going to Galway, just staying in a different hotel, which in this case was the Connacht Hotel (formerly known as the Carlton Hotel). I’ve stayed there with hubby before, many years ago, but it was known as Carlton Hotel back then. The ground is massive, the leisure centre is very inviting and the beds and rooms were amazing. I don’t like warm beds or rooms but this one was just right. Unfortunately we didn’t get to use the pool but it was massive. Maybe next time.

2015-09-24 10.37.37

Thursday, 24th September we started off with some lovely Irish breakfast in Strandhill Co. Sligo in Shells café by the coast. It is one of my favourite café’s. Shells is very popular in our work place, Strandhill in general, so I recommend to anyone out there, if you are ever near Sligo, definitely drive out to Strandhill and go for some breakfast or lunch.

Shortly after we left for Galway and arrived 1pm. Car parked right in the centre of town (thanks to Elaine at this point for giving us advice on this) and off we went to do some damage to our purses. We planned on going out that evening, even though it was a Thursday, as Galway is busy every day being a tourism city. I needed a new dress. I lost a good bit of weight so I was delighted to buy a dress size smaller. I picked up 2 lovely dresses in Penneys/Primark. I didn’t think I would because I am not a big fan of Penneys/Primark but the one in Galway is huge.

2015-09-24 15.27.55


A few hours of shopping done, we decided to head to the hotel to check in and come back into town after to take a look at the lovely view in Salthill.

2015-09-24 17.03.08

Even though the wind made it a bit cold at the seaside, we still had amazing weather and the sun was shining. We caught the perfect time as the sun was about to go down that time.

2015-09-24 18.09.40

2015-09-24 18.17.25

In this picture I love the way you can see the sunbeams peaking through the clouds and the plane flying towards the sun and clouds.

Shortly after our walk we went to have some dinner in the Galleon’s restaurant just a short walk off the seaside. We pretty much had the choice between this restaurant or an Italian. We didn’t want to have Indian, reason being we planned to have Indian takeaway Friday night.

2015-09-24 18.29.32

How can you say ‘no’ to such a gorgeous menu? The place was pretty packed and I think we came at the right time. We were pretty impressed how fast they actually serve the food. I had starter and main and Karo decided to share a dessert with me.

2015-09-24 18.43.35

This was homemade vegetable soup with a roll and some croutons in the soup.

2015-09-24 19.22.23

Death by chocolate for dessert. It was certainly filling and no way would you be able to eat that by yourself when you had a filling starter and main course. But I am not going to deny it, it was delicious. They had the chocolate melted and on the side we had vanilla ice cream.

We got ready to go out around 9.30pm after visiting a friend who came with us in the end. He knew the pubs around town which made it more enjoyable to go, as we didn’t really have a clue which pubs are popular. I’d say if it was just me and Karo heading out, we would have been back in the hotel around 11pm. The more people the merrier they say.


I actually haven’t been out this long in a long time. The joys of being a mother to 2. We didn’t get back to the hotel until 3am. I could have a sleep in for once.

They served breakfast until 11am which came in quite handy. We went down to have breakfast at 10.30am and checked out an hour later. Apart from the odd check in time (15.30) and the check out time (11.30am) I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is planning a trip to Galway.

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17 thoughts on “Shopping + Night Out in Galway

  1. Gorgeous photographs, the food looks yummy. That breakfast is just something I could eat now. I have never been to Galway in fact never been ti Ireland, it looks like a fab place to go. It’s on the list of places to visit. Sounds like you had a fab night out to, a sleep in is always welcome when you are a mum. 🙂
    The L’s Mum recently posted…Early symptoms of pregnancyMy Profile

  2. Looks like you and Karo had a wonderful time in Galway – that food looks utterly divine although i’m sure my waistline wouldn’t agree. I’ve never been to Ireland but it’s on my list of places to visit so i’ll be sure to make a note of this gorgeous little town.
    Vikki Holness recently posted…Christmas ShoppingMy Profile

  3. You can visit an island called Aran Islands.
    Galway itself doesn’t have that many attractions to be honest. There is a castle to visit but it is all mainly pubs, shops etc.

  4. Definitely go. It is a lovely City. I have been many time because it is only a 2 hours journey for me.

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