Siblings in April

I am a few days late with the Siblings project this month. Simply because we have been on holidays the last week. I thought I would be able to nail it and schedule it in for the Saturday but I was too busy packing and getting everything organised for our trip abroad.

The last month has been very kind to us. The weather was beautiful most days and we got to spend a lot of time outside in the garden. Which means mammy got to work on our garden. There is still loads to do. For example I am in the middle of painting the furniture. So far I got to paint the bench but there are still four chairs and a table left to do.

In terms of Sibling love the last month, they have been getting on grand. When I say grand, I mean there have been fights over toys but there have also been moments where they love sharing. More Matthew than Chloe. Matthew is the best big brother and he doesn’t mind sharing at all. Even his chocolate. Chloe is the opposite. She is not a fan of sharing at all. Everything is “mine”. I suppose she is a girl and girls are a bit harder. Matthew is completely chilled out.

We recently took them to see the Easter bunny and go on the Easter train. Matthew received an Easter egg from the bunny and decided to share a good chunk with his little sister.

They love playing the “ready steady go” game together. Matthew sits on the floor and Chloe starts running towards him and sitting on him and vice versa. It’s so cute to see. They think it’s hilarious when they tickle each other’s feet. When we were on holidays last week, we sat down in our hotel room having lunch together. Matthew fed Chloe some of his pasta. I was not allowed to feed her. Hilarious.

We did agree while we were on holiday that we need to work on Chloe’s temper tantrums. I know she is a two year old and she probably is in the middle of her terrible two’s but she has been like that before she even turned two.  She isn’t a happy camper when she doesn’t get her way so we learnt it’s best to leave her cry and she will forget about it very quickly.

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  1. I don’t think it’s too early to ever start to try to guide them into what is good and bad behavior. It all depends on the child. We had a lovely year two with both but man year four for both of ours is where the tantrums and diva/nonlistening came in so we are now trying to guide them and stop it in its tracks. It’s tough but no matter what stage it happens consistency seems to help. They all do it. Lovely snaps sounds like you have had a lovely easter holidays. #siblingsproject

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