Siblings in December

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the very last month of the Siblings project. I have said it multiple and I am going to say it one last time this year… the year has gone way too fast. The last month of this project is always very special because I am creating a collage throughout the year that shows me how much my two have changed within a year.

We are ending the year with a very close relationship between brother and sister. The last month has been a bit hectic as it involved getting ready for the Christmas period. I finished my Christmas shopping in November and also done the wrapping at the same time.

The kids have written their letters to Santa also and I have posted them last week. It’s so nice to see Matthew be able to write his own letter.  He asked for a truck and Transformers. He might actually get more than that. Chloe has asked for a dolls house, teddy’s and sweets. She is easy to please.

Just two days before Christmas day, they are going to see Santa only ten minutes down the road from our house. We haven’t been to see Santa since Matthew turned two. Chloe was a baby then and Matthew is actually a bit more grown up now so I am hoping he will enjoy it.

Matthew is Chloe’s idol, she follows him everywhere. They’re both up to mischief together lately.

They’re getting really good at sharing their toys together and they look out for each other. They normally pick their own breakfast in the morning, for example, but if Chloe initially picked Ready Brek and Matthew decided to go for crispy bread or Cheerios, then Chloe changed her mind. Chloe has to have the same as her big brother.

This is where we end the Siblings Project for the year. I am certainly taking part the next year again. If you have two kids or more, then I would definitely recommend taking part, too. If you don’t blog, that’s fine too. Instead create a folder for yourself and see the difference each month.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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