How to prepare your Garden for the Winter

Our garden is still very basic, with a shed, some flower pots and a flower bed I created back in the summer. We were due a gardener to call over and get some work done a few months ago. Though there has been some complications along the way, we won’t be getting anything done now until Spring next year. However it is important to get your garden Winter ready. Particularly in the temperatures we have been getting in the last few weeks.

Remove any dead plants

Most people would probably tell you to leave the clean up until Spring. There is one main reason why you should clear up dead plants, shrubs etc now rather than later. Slugs and snails will see these plants as their food and so when the Spring comes, you are going to struggle more to get rid of these.

Tidy away any garden furniture

I am actually so bad for doing this.We have had only wooden garden furniture for the last eight years and I have always kept them outside. In a country like Ireland, that is probably not the best idea because it rains so much. Tidying away any garden furniture will save you time and effort in the new year, such as painting them over again from frost, wind etc.

Trim trees, shrubs, bushes

If you have any shrubs, hedges or trees that need attention, then this is your chance to trim them down. If you’re left with any leaves on the ground, rake them together but don’t throw them into the compost. They are great for covering the ground during the winter to keep the soil moist.

Top up flower beds

I made the mistake and cleaned up my flower beds way too early. Close to winter top up your beds with more bark.  On top of the leaves, this will keep the soil even more moist when Spring arrives.

Remove any weeds

Weeds are growing so quickly and I find them really hard to maintain, particularly in the Summer. The easiest solution to this, is to get a power hose and just get rid of them all that way. However they are guaranteed to come back so if you put down a bit of treatment afterwards it will slow them down.

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