Siblings in December

Wow only for the fact that I have seen Alex from Bump to Baby post on Instagram about the Siblings project this month, I would have completely forgotten to link up again. This month has flown even quicker than last month. What do you think? I seriously need to invest in some organizer or something. If you know a good one, throw a few names at me.

Looking back on last month sibling projects, it feels like I have taken those photos months ago. I suppose most of them were taken at the end of October but even so, it’s mad.  I took loads of photos from the two in the last month. Which leads me to the fact that they are playing more and more together. It’s so nice to see how good they are getting on together as brother and sister (minus the times they kill each other over a toy or book)

We went to see the Coca Cola Christmas truck at the end of last month. While waiting to have our photo taken, daddy and Matthew went off to buy some snacks. They got some buttons. Matthew loves buttons. When he came back and I opened them for him, he started to give Chloe some. He said “Yeah, because Chloe is my best friend”. How cute is that. They shared buttons together, even though each one of them had their own pack. He even put it into her mouth.

We spent a lot of time in the house now that the kids have way more space than they did in the old house. They love cruising around the downstairs area with their bus and airplane chasing each other. A few days ago I picked up a new ride on for Chloe. Really it’s part of her Christmas presents but she gets more fun out of it now instead of waiting another week and a half. We’ve had a Mickey Mouse Ride on for years. Matthew doesn’t care how old he is, he still loves driving around on it. So they don’t kill each other over it, Chloe now has a Minnie Mouse one. His and hers.

Both kids have started using the playroom more as well now. They are sitting together at the table, colouring in, even though that can go wrong sometimes, or on the floor watching Mickey Mouse. Chloe is looking for a good night kiss off Matthew each evening before they go to bed. When Matthew noticed that Chloe was naughty (or bold as he calls it), he doesn’t want to give her a kiss. It’s hilarious. But I persuade him in the end.

Now that we are in the festive season, I bought some Christmas activity and sticker books for the kids. We sat down one afternoon on the rug in the living room to do some activities in the book. Matthew kindly shared his stickers with Chloe in her book, even though they don’t even go into hers.

This is the last post of this years Sibling project. What fun it has been. Thanks to Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy for creating such a lovely project. It’s nice to look back on the pictures each month and see how their relationship has developed and how different they look now. I can’t wait to start next year again.

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