The Siblings Project January 2018

And so we are half way through the first month of the new year. I have been fairly quiet on the blog the past month. So far we have done nothing exciting to be honest. The weather is holding us back and now that we have started potty training Chloe at the weekend, we are very limited to go places. I’d just rather have her fully trained at home and then go out in maybe two weeks or so.

As Matthew was off school for nearly two weeks, it means him and his sister could do some more bonding together. (Or some killing each other on other occasions) It’s funny how siblings can be so different. Matthew is not a person who likes to sleep in long. He is up at 7am each morning or sometimes earlier. Whereas Chloe is the lazy one in the family. She loves her sleep ins and could easily sleep until 9.30am. At weekends she gets to sleep in until roughly 8.30am. Sometimes I let her sleep longer. This means she is full of energy and doesn’t need a nap. We have dropped her nap altogether now anyway.

While Chloe is still sleeping in the morning, Matthew is either playing nicely in his room or our room or goes downstairs to watch some TV with daddy and have a bit of breakfast.

Chloe wants to copy his big brother in every way. She picks her cereal in the morning but then quickly realises Matthew is having something else and so she doesn’t want her choice anymore.  They generally always have to have the same food.

Even though they can be quite hard at sharing toys, they are very good at taking turns when it comes to watching TV. Normally each one of them are allowed to watch up to three episodes until it’s the other person’s turn.

I really don’t know what it is with bedtime though. They could be super tired in the evening time. We are ready to go upstairs and suddenly both of them are getting an energy boost. They are literally jumping up the walls. I suppose it’s kinda cute to see.

At the moment they love playing Lego together. But they also both play with Chloe’s dolls house. The other morning Matthew was picking his breakfast and on the Kelloggs box you can save a token to go to places like Legoland. Matthew discovered that and now wants to go to Legoland Windsor. Might be on the cards for Easter so.

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  1. Oh Chloe is so cute. Mine have food envy too and I always have bright ideas to get them something with different designs or colours and I always regret it. Happy new year

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