First Ever Christmas Play

Last Thursday I left work early. I wasn’t sick, the kids weren’t sick. It was something way more exciting than that. Matthew had his first ever Christmas play in creche. First I haven’t even thought of how much of a big deal it was until I talked to all my mummy friends. No doubt I had to leave early and go and see it. There were different session on for each room. Matthew is now in the pre-school room his one started at 3pm.

I left work at 2.15pm on Thursday to head down to the creche which is a 20 minutes drive from work. I haven’t even had any lunch yet so while on the way there, I stopped in a petrol station to buy some crisps and a chocolate bar and fuel myself up.

I was the second parent to arrive. I was on time, yay for that. In the hall way they all the little chairs lined up for the parents to sit on. Your bum just about fits onto it. But it’ s a creche after all, you wouldn’t expect them to have a stash of grown up chairs stored somewhere. I sat down in the first row as I planned on taking a few photos. I ended up taking barely any because it was so cute watching Matthew in the play.

As we all arrived, the children came out. They were dressed as Christmas trees, birds and  a star. Matthew was one of the reindeers. He told me about it a few days beforehand.

He was a bit shocked, even surprised at first that I was there watching him. Mummy is normally at work, what’s going on? The Christmas play was amazing and all children did really well. They remembered all their parts and the singing was brilliant. To teach a bunch of four year olds is pretty hard I’d imagine.

When they were finished, they all went over to their mummy’s and daddy’s. Matthew came over to me with smiles and I told him how good he was. He was very happy and then invited me to come into his room for the parents and children’s Christmas party. They had chocolate biscuit cake, mince pies, biscuits and cup cakes ready for us. The kids were sitting in the middle at the table digging into their cupcakes. It was a lovely afternoon. And Matthew got to go home nearly an two hours early so we collected Chloe from her room and had some play time at home.

Did your kids have a Christmas play in creche/nursery/school this year? What role did they play? 

Induction Week in Creche

We survived the induction week in creche this week. I didn’t think the kids would do as good as they did. I know kids can adapt well to change and to Chloe all she ever knew, was the minders. She would have been too small to create a friendship with one of the other toddlers. In terms of moving, she would be the easiest person to adapt to change but then there is her constant attachment which is fine. Matthew on the other hand is at an age where he made friends in the other creche. He mentions the boys everyday. I haven’t heard him talking about them the last two days though. So maybe he understands that they are in a different creche.  He already made friends in the new one which is great.

On Monday they went in for one hour. The new creche is called Cocoon Childcare. There are a few around in the Dublin area actually. Hubby and I stayed in their rooms the whole time. I stayed with Chloe and he stayed with Matthew. Chloe was shy and was holding onto me at the start. After about thirty minutes she let loose and started playing with some of the toys. They have a shelf of toys. She pulled out every single one of them while the other toddlers were having their tea in the middle of the room. I stayed with her the full hour. She tried out every seat at the end.
Matthew on the other hand got on great. They gave him an apple as a snack and he sat down and got stuck in to the activities.


On Tuesday it was one and a half hours. The parents are supposed to stay with the kids the first fifteen minutes and once settles you can leave the room and come back to collect them. Once I left, Chloe started crying but within five minutes she was fine and started playing. She always does that at the start, even in the creche she attended before. I’d say she like a bit of drama. Daddy stayed with them in the parents area until their time was up while I was unboxing more stuff at home. Again they both done brilliant and Chloe was even outside.

Wednesday I dropped them in myself as this was the day where you’re supposed to leave the child for the full duration of the visit which is two hours. Usual thing, Chloe cried the first five minutes. I dropped her into her room first and then Matthew. By the time I came back to her room to check on her, she was fine and was playing away on the floor.  Matthew sat down the chair and done some arts and crafts with his hands with the minder. He loves it.

On Thursday it was more of a longer day. They stayed from 10am to 2pm which is over the lunch hour. This was also a trial to see if Chloe is able to nap her hour that she normally does. As Chloe is only still in the wobbler room, she still gets a report sheet everyday. Matthew doesn’t because not much point really. Her sheet tells me that her nappy was changed twice. She slept 1h and 10minutes. For lunch she had Spagetti Bolognese which she ate half of. She refused the snack which was apple and raisins. Normally she loves raisins but it was given at the time I dropped her in so I think that was the problem. Chloe enjoyed some garden play and puzzles. I find this report brilliant. It’s so detailed. She got a report in the other creche as well but it wasn’t that detailed. I was happy enough to see how long she slept and what she ate but this even better.

Today was a special day. It was Halloween dress up day. Perfect opportunity to integrate Matthew into his group. He dressed up as vampire. He wore this costume last year, too. It was good to get more wear out of it. I didn’t find anything decent in the shop to be honest and I had been looking for weeks. It is way easier to find outfits for girls or toddlers in general. I dressed Chloe up as a ghost. She wasn’t a fan of the whole dress at first but she got used to it pretty quickly. They both attended creche at the same time as to the previous day.

Matthew had some sweets and marshmallows as a treat. Friday is treat day and you are allowed to bring in a toy of your choice. We received a new toy from Mattel yesterday and he hasn’t stopped playing since. He had take it to creche of course. He also made some chocolate apple which looks really tasty by the way.
Chloe has been great, too. Her report looks pretty much the same. Her lunch was ham, potato and veg and guess what…she ate it all. Am I surprised? No, because she never ever eats at home and most of her food lands on the floor!



Monday is a bank holiday in Ireland and also Halloween. Matthew and I have a day planned in Julianstown to visit Kennedy’s pumkin patch. I got tickets last minute for the two of us because the family ticket was sold out unfortunately.
I am more than confident to drop the kids into creche come Tuesday full-time. I haven’t figured out the times yet because Dublin traffic is mad in the morning, compared to Sligo. It looks like the kids will have to be dropped off at 7.45am the latest which means I will start work at 8.30am and finish at 4.30pm. This gives me enough time to have them home for 5pm and give them a snack before they go to bed. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Chloe’s First Week in Creche

It is Sunday evening which means a new week is starting tomorrow and it will be my second week back to work.

As some of you may know my maternity leave ended 1 week ago. In Ireland you only get 6 months paid leave. You can add another 16 weeks I think but this would be unpaid. With my maternity leave ending meant Chloe was starting crèche.

Her first day was Tuesday as Monday was a bank holiday in Ireland. This was great as it meant she only had 4 days in her first week.


Day 1 went quite smooth as I had hubby dropping the 2 kids off with me because he wanted to see Chloe in going the first time, too. I might just have to add that he is such a brilliant dad and spends every spare minute he gets with the kids.
In Creative Corner Crèche every child gets a sheet when they go home so the parents know what they ate, what they played, when they slept and when the went to the toilet and whatever additional information they might add the odd day.
When dropping in Chloe the first time, I also dropped in a little sheet in of Chloe’s routine which they stuck to the wall so they are trying to stick with it as much as they can.
Her first day went quite well I have to say.
She had fun with:
– Musical toys
– sang songs

What she had for lunch:
– Vegetable soup & potato

Her naps were okay, too. I was afraid at first that she wouldn’t nap that long with all the babies sleeping in the same room but 40 mins in the morning and over an hour in the afternoon is pretty good. She could do those sort of naps anytime at home, too.


As you can see on this sheet I had to bring in more nappies for the next day. When Matthew started crèche 2 1/2 years ago, they provided the nappies, wipes and nappy cream. That was also the year the crèche opened up. I think over the last 2 years or so they must have realised that it is just way too expensive in a long run which I accept of course. It is not a big deal to drop in 10 nappies or so every 2 or 3 days even.
Day 2 she had fun with:
– musical toys
– mirrors
– tummy time

What she had for lunch:
– Savoury mince (May I add that she is not a big fan of mince yet. It could be that it is yet too spicy for her)


Day 3 she had fun with:
– Ball Pool
– Musical Toys
– Tummy time

What she had for lunch:
– Chicken Casserole


Day 4 she had fun with:
– Musical toys
– Mirrors
– Sang songs

What she had for lunch:
– Savoury mince (Again she didn’t eat much of it, so this was the day I told the caretaker that she is not a big fan of mince just yet, so hopefully they remember to leave it out for a while)

On her last day of the week she decided to refuse most of her 2 bottles she gets but I wasn’t worried that much as she drank some and ate a bit. That was the start of something though as this weekend she had an upset stomach, cries when I wipe her mouth, pulls at her ears and puts anything in the mouth she can reach. The joys of teething but she still hasn’t got any teeth yet.

Matthew now has realised that his little sister is going to crèche as well, as in the morning and evening he comes into the baby room to drop her off.

So yeah overall I am very happy her first week went so well. I am sure soon enough she will pick up all sorts of bugs and might have to stay home one of those days just like Matthew did the first 2 years of his life but that’s just the way it. They have to build up their immune system somehow.

Has your baby recently started crèche/nursery? How did you cope with it?

Let's Talk Mommy

Last Day


There have been talks about this the last few weeks but today the day finally came.

Matthew is going to move into the next room in creche/nursery which will be play school upstairs. I can’t believe that my little boy has moved from baby room, to wobbler room, to toddler room and now to play school room. The time is absolutely flying for sure.

Normally they don’t go until they turn 3 and Matthew only turns 3 the end of August but because Matthew has his little gang of friends who also move at the time they thought it would be easier to move them together and don’t leave him behind. Apart from one of his younger friends there’s no one else really left in that group. A lot of girls!

This will be a complete new adventure. He was upstairs for a trial already and he loved it. I will miss the minders downstairs, that’s for sure but thankfully I know the main girl in the play school room. She’s the girlfriend of my work colleague so it’s nice to see familiar faces.

Monday it all starts, I have to walk up the stairs now. I suppose that’s one way to get your figure back.

Chloe is also not far of starting creche/nursery. She’ll be joining the baby room the beginning of August. I’m going to have to give her a trial run 2 weeks beforehand. Hopefully she will get on well.

Here are just some of Matthew’s memories he made in the toddler room.



IMAG2767_1 IMAG2766_1 IMAG2765_1 IMAG2764_1I have received all his other artwork too which I have safely put away in his art box.

Is your little one going to creche/nursery? Did she/he move into a new room recently?