Chloe’s First Week in Creche

It is Sunday evening which means a new week is starting tomorrow and it will be my second week back to work.

As some of you may know my maternity leave ended 1 week ago. In Ireland you only get 6 months paid leave. You can add another 16 weeks I think but this would be unpaid. With my maternity leave ending meant Chloe was starting crèche.

Her first day was Tuesday as Monday was a bank holiday in Ireland. This was great as it meant she only had 4 days in her first week.


Day 1 went quite smooth as I had hubby dropping the 2 kids off with me because he wanted to see Chloe in going the first time, too. I might just have to add that he is such a brilliant dad and spends every spare minute he gets with the kids.
In Creative Corner Crèche every child gets a sheet when they go home so the parents know what they ate, what they played, when they slept and when the went to the toilet and whatever additional information they might add the odd day.
When dropping in Chloe the first time, I also dropped in a little sheet in of Chloe’s routine which they stuck to the wall so they are trying to stick with it as much as they can.
Her first day went quite well I have to say.
She had fun with:
– Musical toys
– sang songs

What she had for lunch:
– Vegetable soup & potato

Her naps were okay, too. I was afraid at first that she wouldn’t nap that long with all the babies sleeping in the same room but 40 mins in the morning and over an hour in the afternoon is pretty good. She could do those sort of naps anytime at home, too.


As you can see on this sheet I had to bring in more nappies for the next day. When Matthew started crèche 2 1/2 years ago, they provided the nappies, wipes and nappy cream. That was also the year the crèche opened up. I think over the last 2 years or so they must have realised that it is just way too expensive in a long run which I accept of course. It is not a big deal to drop in 10 nappies or so every 2 or 3 days even.
Day 2 she had fun with:
– musical toys
– mirrors
– tummy time

What she had for lunch:
– Savoury mince (May I add that she is not a big fan of mince yet. It could be that it is yet too spicy for her)


Day 3 she had fun with:
– Ball Pool
– Musical Toys
– Tummy time

What she had for lunch:
– Chicken Casserole


Day 4 she had fun with:
– Musical toys
– Mirrors
– Sang songs

What she had for lunch:
– Savoury mince (Again she didn’t eat much of it, so this was the day I told the caretaker that she is not a big fan of mince just yet, so hopefully they remember to leave it out for a while)

On her last day of the week she decided to refuse most of her 2 bottles she gets but I wasn’t worried that much as she drank some and ate a bit. That was the start of something though as this weekend she had an upset stomach, cries when I wipe her mouth, pulls at her ears and puts anything in the mouth she can reach. The joys of teething but she still hasn’t got any teeth yet.

Matthew now has realised that his little sister is going to crèche as well, as in the morning and evening he comes into the baby room to drop her off.

So yeah overall I am very happy her first week went so well. I am sure soon enough she will pick up all sorts of bugs and might have to stay home one of those days just like Matthew did the first 2 years of his life but that’s just the way it. They have to build up their immune system somehow.

Has your baby recently started crèche/nursery? How did you cope with it?

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15 thoughts on “Chloe’s First Week in Creche

  1. Love the sheets. MM starts nursery when we get back to UK and I think it will do her so good and she does cry when I leave her but I know just for a second and then has a blast. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
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  2. Aww bless her! I love the idea of the little sheets! Ethan’s just started nursery and is getting a little upset when we first leave him, though he’s fine 5 mins later! But I know that it will benefit him so much long term! xx

  3. They are so cute aren’t they? They used to be in colour but too expensive now.

  4. Haha sounds like he loves his food. I’d say if I put any food in front of Chloe she’d be the same. She grabs anything but is still on pureed food.

  5. Sounds like she had a pretty smooth first week. My son, also our second, started nursery back in April. He was fine, very happy as he’s so nosey and loved all the new toys. He did get a few bugs the first few weeks but nothing too major – though hand, foot and mouth virus was a new one for us and he gave it to me! He’s a real piglet when it comes to food. There have been days he’s eaten food his three year old sister has turned down! (she’s in another room at the same nursery).
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