Easter Break in the UK – Cadbury World

It is day three of our adventures. Time to look back on the day what we did and share with you our day of fun. This was in fact Good Friday. With it being Easter, I couldn’t resist but buying tickets to go to Cadbury World. It was only a 40 minutes drive from the hotel which was so close. It’s driving around Birmingham on the motorway and you are basically there in no time. To enter Cadbury World, you do need to book your tickets in advanced. There are self-guided tours every ten minutes. It was sold out very fast but we managed to get a slot for 3pm.

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Easter Egg Hunts all over Ireland


We are getting closer and closer to Easter now. It’s only 3 days until Good Friday now. Unfortunately I have to work that day but Easter Sunday is the day really we do the Easter Egg Hunt in our house.

I thought it would be fun to share a list of events all over Ireland with you which do Easter Egg Hunts in your local town maybe and it gives you something to do with your kids. Here is to good weather!! (cheers)

? Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt – Dublin ? 

This hunt is in association with Barnardos. It takes place on Friday and Saturday in Dublin’s Merrion Square. There are 4 Easter Egg hunts in total. 2 on each day. You can find out about the times and cost here.

? The Croke Park Easter Egg Trail – Dublin ?

Suitable for children ages 4 to 8 years this is a guided tour through Croke Park while going on a hunt for Easter Eggs in the stadium. It’s on everyday from Wednesday 23rd March to Monday, 28th March (except for Friday, 25th March). Your child will also get a chance to test his/her skills at hurling or football. More can be found here.

? Easter Egg Hunt at Lullymore – Kildare ?

This is known as the best Easter Egg hunt in the country. It runs for 7 days from 26th March to 1st April 10am to 6pm. While eating delicious chocolately eggs you can also meet the bunny himself and play Easter themed games in the indoor play centre. Every child will receive an egg once they have complete the puzzle around the park. Find out more here.

? Tayto Park Easter Egg Hunt – Meath ?

Take part in the park’s hunt and answer all questions around the park to receive an egg per child. There will be free face painting and arts and crafts for kids under the age of 6. More information can be found here.

? Leahy Open Farm Hunt – Cork ?

As well as an Easter Egg hunt the farm also has an Egg throwing competition scheduled. Each egg will cost €1 and it goes to the Make a Wish foundation. It’s on the whole Easter weekend. More about it here.

? Stonehall Visitor Farm & Wildlife Park Easter Egg Hunt – Limerick ?

Take part in the Easter Egg hunt and meet the Easter bunny himself on Easter Sunday between 1 and 3pm.

? Easter Egg Hunt at Westport House – Westport ?

I’ve heard a lot about Westport House. It is a very family friendly place and it is definitely on my to-do list as family trip. Easter Sunday is the day for the hunt over here. Pinkie, the Easter Bunny will welcome all kids and lead the Easter Egg Hunt. The first 300 kids will get an Easter Egg. More information here.

? Moher Hill Open Farm Egg Hunt – Clare ?

Running from Easter Saturday until Easter Monday this farm runs fun activities as well as face painting, egg and spoon races. More here.

? Lough Key Forest Park – Boyle ?

Join in the fun at Lough Key Forest Park this Easter weekend starting from Saturday with lots of activities such as colouring competitions, guess how many eggs are in the jar, Easter treats in the cafe and much much more.

? Easter Egg Hunt Quayside Shopping Centre – Sligo ?

The mall will be holding a hunt from 1 – 5pm on Saturday while the Easter bunny will be hopping around and giving out free mini eggs. There will also be free face painting.

? Glenveagh National Park – Donegal ?

Saturday and Sunday come along for some colouring competitions, find the bunnies and a few more things. More information here.

What’s your plans for Easter?

Our Long Easter Weekend

It’s amazing how quick the long weekend goes when you have something planned everyday. It goes even faster when you have children. I remember the time we celebrated Easter before having children. It was definitely longer.

Our Easter started pretty much on Friday. While Matthew was still in creche for the day I went off to do some shopping and get Matthew’s last Easter presents he was going to find in the garden Easter Sunday.

Saturday morning Matthew and daddy went off to grandparents who only live down the road from us. He got a Crunchy Easter egg off them. Originally the weather was promised to be horrible but it was gorgeous all weekend and it was even too warm for that warmer coat so I could just wear a cardigan. When Matthew went off for his nap I did the weekly shopping in Lidl.
In the afternoon we got ready to go to the christening meal from hubby’s friend. There is exactly 1 month between Chloe and the other baby. They could  be girlfriend and boyfriend in future… who knows.
Apart from the meal Matthew had a ball running around the pub for 2 hours. He was so hyper that it took him a good bit to calm down before bed time. He was asleep by 9.30pm which is normally 8-8.30pm.

Sunday morning after breakfast we all went outside in the garden to see what the Easter bunny brought.







After having a bit of chocolate after his breakfast we went to the local park because it was such gorgeous weather and so warm. With a few little tantrums on the way we finally got there and had a stroll around. A bit of slide, swing and a walk around the park and we went back to the house. It meant it was Matthew’s nap time before lunch.

DSC05524 DSC05532

Daddy and Matthew went over to grandparents again and had a run around in their big garden. I think he wishes we would have such a big garden but then again we have a big green in the middle of the estate he can run around on. Meanwhile Chloe and me went out for a walk again. Can’t have enough fresh air.

Because we didn’t have any take away on Friday I went to KFC and got us some food.

Monday morning we stayed in for a bit because daddy had to catch up on some work upstairs. Matthew did not want to nap so instead we went off for another walk around the estate with Chloe.
In the afternoon we met up with Matthew’s godfather and his own son for a bit of playing in our garden and dinner out in lovely Strandhill.

2015-04-06 14.41.29

Matthew must be chickened out this weekend. He had so many chicken and chips I hope he is sick of them now for the next while. I need to start and give him more vegetables again. He is very fussy with some food though.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Easter Gifts for Matthew

So the Easter bunny has been busy this year. I got all the present he is going to look for in the morning. Last year he only got chocolate and no presents. But I think because I was kind of spoiled at Easter too other than just chocolate, Matthew deserves a little treat, too.

I filled his Easter basket a few days ago. It contains some small chocolate bunnies, eggs and chickens and a big bunny with chocolate buttons inside. (Don’t worry I am going to eat half of this. I don’t want him eating too much chocolate because he gets hyper so easily)

Easter basket

Furthermore I got him 2 presents he can look for in the morning in the garden. I hope the weather is at least a bit decent to do this Easter Egg hunt. We might be able to get a few nice photos even.

Easter gifts 1

Easter gifts 2


Matthew is obsessed with Peppa Pig and apart from teddies and books he doesn’t have any Peppa Pig toy related things. That’s why I decided to buy him the Wobbley train with a Weeble in it and an extra one which is Pedro Pony. He loves trains so I am hoping this is going to be a big hit.

Easter gifts 3

He has a sandpit sitting outside in the garden. So once the weather is going to pick up he will play in the garden a bit more again. This Mickey Mouse bucket set is perfect to play in the sand.

Apart from all these toys he is also getting a small George pig egg off me and daddy and he got a Crunchy egg off his grandparents today. We are going to eat that chocolate for weeks!

What are your little ones getting this Easter? Have you planned a hunt?

Easter Madness

It is only 2 more weeks until Easter. I have been busy decorating the house the last few days and got a few bits Matthew and me can do leaning towards Easter. DSC05447

This is my Easter mantel piece this year. Every decoration on there I actually got from my  mum so it is even more special to have them on the mantel piece and look at them everyday. And here is just a few close ups:


I love these small wooden chicks.

DSC05449 DSC05450

These bunnies are so cool. There is about 5 of them. They all have an instrument.

DSC05451 DSC05452

I am not a big fan of pink stuff normally but I think this porcelain pink bunny has something.

Now that Matthew is nearly old enough to understand Easter and look for eggs in the garden I bought him an Easter basket in the local Dealz shop. I can’t wait to fill it with a small present and some chocolate. Lately he is so obsessed with chocolate but he is only allowed to have some at the weekend. Even though daddy can give in sometimes and give him a treat during the week.


The bunny decoration in the basket I actually got from a friend the other day. It’s an egg with a bunny and flowers on it and you can paint it. I am going to do this with Matthew one of these days and hang it on our Easter tree in the kitchen.

DSC05454 DSC05455

I picked up this egg decorating kit in the local dealz shop too. We are going to blow out the eggs and decorate them so they look like a chicken and a rabbit. It is going to be so much fun.


How cool are my Easter eggs hanging out the front garden? I don’t know if this is a thing you would do in the UK or Ireland but it is traditional in Germany and I’d like to keep the German traditions.


I am in the middle of getting the garden ready for the Summer but I haven’t got anywhere yet but I have to say I am very proud of my front porch. What do you think?

DSC05467 DSC05468

Have you started decorating your house for Easter yet or are you even going to? What are the plans for Easter in your house? Are you doing an Easter egg hunt or doing some crafts?

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