Easter Break in the UK – Cadbury World

It is day three of our adventures. Time to look back on the day what we did and share with you our day of fun. This was in fact Good Friday. With it being Easter, I couldn’t resist but buying tickets to go to Cadbury World. It was only a 40 minutes drive from the hotel which was so close. It’s driving around Birmingham on the motorway and you are basically there in no time. To enter Cadbury World, you do need to book your tickets in advanced. There are self-guided tours every ten minutes. It was sold out very fast but we managed to get a slot for 3pm.

With it being on later in the afternoon, we had a morning to kill. It started off with some nice breakfast. We walked a bit around downstairs and also entered the Thomas shop once again. Matthew picked up a pack of colouring in pages with some paint and a paint brush.  We went back upstairs into our bedroom and started painting Thomas and his friends. He paints a lot in creche so he was well tuned in with it and loved doing it. A bit later on I drove into the nearest town to pick up some lunch for us. This was only a sandwich and some pasta salad.

After lunch we packed up and drove to Cadbury World. They advise to be there 90 minutes in advanced to see all the other bits they have.  We arrived for 1.30pm. I picked a good day because it was drizzling a few times and the tour was thankfully happening inside. Though the other things they were talking about were kind of outside.

At the back of the Cadbury factory they had a few stands to buy food as well as a playground for the kids. Some of it was sealed off. I presume it was under constructions or something.  The big thing everyone queued for, was the 4D chocolate adventure. This is probably the reason why you had to arrive that early. We didn’t queue for that because first of the kids are too young and second the queue started at the sign where you had to wait 40 minutes. If I am honest, this part didn’t blow me away really and we could have just easily arrived for the exhibition.

We explored the Cadbury Shop and bought some chocolate of course. Daddy also picked up a cotton Cadbury shopping bag. And for my collection for the fridge I bought a new magnet.

It was heading towards 3pm and Chloe was getting a bit fed up so we started to queue. Once the tickets were scanned, we were asked how many people we were altogether. We got a million different chocolate bars. We then entered the Bourneville Experience which brings you through the history of how Cadbury World has begun. There are two screenings. The kids weren’t too interested in that. We queued for the Cadabra ride which was the main reason I wanted to take the kids. That was really good I have to say. It brought you through different worlds with singing eggs.

Apparently there was a game going on while walking through the whole experience. We had to count all the eggs and tell the lady at the end to receive a chocolate egg. I must have missed that part because I don’t remember any game but the kids received their egg anyway. Furthermore we could see how the chocolate was made and designed. They were given out small little cups full of warm melted Cadbury chocolate as well.  You could choose from two toppings. We chose popping candy and marshmallows. Yum Yum.

When we were taken the ride, they took a photo of each car. Unfortunately mammy’s head was in the way so Matthew’s head was blocked out. Other than that the picture would have been really lovely. When booking the tickets online, you get an add on to buy a souvenir bag. This includes a souvenir brochure, a canvas bag (We bought that already anyway) and a children’s activity book. For some reason we forgot all about it at the end. Ah well, not the end of the world.

As I predicted, both kids fell asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel. Dinner was had and we decided to take a look what all the children’s entertainment was all about. Matthew had some fun jumping around and playing balloon with me in the hall way and Chloe had her own balloon, too. It was off to bed shortly after because the next morning was supposed to be an early start as we were off to head to Paulton Park.

If you want to find out about our adventure at Paulton Park, then stay connected.

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  1. All that chocolate! Sounds like you had a lovely day at Cadbury World, I’ve never been but we hope to go. Such a shame you missed the game but glad the littlies got their egg anyway!

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