How to prepare your Garden for the Winter

Our garden is still very basic, with a shed, some flower pots and a flower bed I created back in the summer. We were due a gardener to call over and get some work done a few months ago. Though there has been some complications along the way, we won’t be getting anything done now until Spring next year. However it is important to get your garden Winter ready. Particularly in the temperatures we have been getting in the last few weeks.

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Project Garden #Blogtober17

Day six prompt for the Blogtober challenge is Flowers. I could associated a lot with flowers but because I don’t have any flowers in my own home (Everything in the house I am growing is dying), the only other thing that came into my mind was the garden. The garden has been on my list since the beginning of the year. First we consulted a gardener to give us ideas what we could do with it. Then I decided I do my own bits and pieces until I get stuck and actually need a gardener to do the rest.

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Transforming Garden into Play Area

I have thought about this long enough (Even though hubby hasn’t got a notion about this what I am about to do in the next couple of weeks/months) but I think it is time to transform our garden into a play area for the kids. Matthew loves the garden and spends every minute in his sandpit he gets once it is not raining so I think he deserves to have some other toys out there. Right now, apart from the sand pit, the only other toy he has is a junior slide. He is nearly the length of it and I don’t see how he gets any more fun out of it.

Originally I wanted to use the garden to plant nice flowers, the whole lot to make it look pretty but last year I haven’t moved a finger. The only nice plants I get out of the garden are the lillies my mum planted in 2 pots and they are growing each year so I think that is enough plants for now. Apart from that we have 4 bushes so it is not that there are no flowers/plants at all. The rest can be used as a play area because really I never sit on the sun lounger. The only time we get to sit outside is when it is nice enough to have a meal or breakfast outside.

There is 3 outdoor toys I would like the kids to have…

I think a must for every child is a trampoline. If you look out the window in our estate you can see who has children and who doesn’t. So many trampolines out there.
I haven’t decided yet what size I should get. There is 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot. I don’t want to get a too big one because it is going to look ridiculous in the garden as it is not the biggest garden now. ( If you have a trampoline in a small garden, let me know what size you went for.) They are actually on offer right now I haven’t decided yet whether I will get it for Matthew’s birthday or now. I might be better off getting it now because his birthday is not until the end of August and the weather is getting worse then.


The next thing on the list is a proper slide. Smyths Toys Store is always brilliant for this kind of stuff. I was thinking of either one below.


This one is 10 foot high. Again it might be a bit too big for a small garden.


This might be “the one”. It is 8 foot high. Even mammy might be able to slide down that without breaking it.

The last thing then and I don’t even know why we didn’t get one yet as Matthew loved playing in it in the apartment’s courtyard across from our house, is a play house. They are not cheap I have to say. I might have to shop around for those when they are on offer.
I discovered this one on the argos website. Pretty cool. It is made of wood. A more colourful option might be better though and plastic is less hassle building as I can get very frustrated  building these things.



What outdoor toys do you have in your garden?

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Garden Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is improving again and summer is nearly there it is time to get the garden summer friendly. Having 2 small kids it is not easy and I don’t get it to do it all in one go so I do everything bit by bit. It is very handy to be on maternity leave at this time of the year. That way I only have Chloe and once she is sleeping I can go out and do a bit more.

Last year I haven’t touched the garden at all. I was just too busy with Matthew because he only started walking in February so he kept us all on our feet then.

This is the way our garden looked before I started my “garden project”.



In the meantime I have cut the grass, trimmed the sides and brushed the path.

Hubby went off and got more sand and sandpit toys for Matthew. I got this sandpit last year from Zulily. It is such great quality that it had no problem getting through the winter without the cover on. I finally went off though at the weekend and bought 3 stones to keep it down because my 2 cats think it is a big toilet and we don’t want to end up buying sand all the time.

DSC05555 DSC05556 DSC05557


There is still a few more chores to do. As you know we have 2 cats who live in the shed. Which means I have to tidy up the shed a bit and brighten up their bed again.

Unfortunately the table and chairs haven’t quite made it through the winter. They do need a good paint. I know you should probably cover them when the bad weather kicks in but I just never got around to do it.



Like every other garden our garden requires a few more plants. I am so bad with plants though. They always die on me. That’s why you see a lot of bushes. We do have a few lillies though my mum planted for me in pots. It is so weird but a few days after my mum died that’s when they started growing. They are starting to grow again this year.

Apart from planting a few flowers I’d like to get rid of the washing line going across the garden and screw a line to the wall that you can pull out whenever you need it. I bought it last year but again I never got around to put it up.

I am also looking for another colourful personal touch I want to add on the fence but I don’t know what yet. If anyone is coming up with something you are welcome to comment below even with a link.

Have you started working on your garden yet? What toys do you keep in the garden for your little ones?

Easter Madness

It is only 2 more weeks until Easter. I have been busy decorating the house the last few days and got a few bits Matthew and me can do leaning towards Easter. DSC05447

This is my Easter mantel piece this year. Every decoration on there I actually got from my  mum so it is even more special to have them on the mantel piece and look at them everyday. And here is just a few close ups:


I love these small wooden chicks.

DSC05449 DSC05450

These bunnies are so cool. There is about 5 of them. They all have an instrument.

DSC05451 DSC05452

I am not a big fan of pink stuff normally but I think this porcelain pink bunny has something.

Now that Matthew is nearly old enough to understand Easter and look for eggs in the garden I bought him an Easter basket in the local Dealz shop. I can’t wait to fill it with a small present and some chocolate. Lately he is so obsessed with chocolate but he is only allowed to have some at the weekend. Even though daddy can give in sometimes and give him a treat during the week.


The bunny decoration in the basket I actually got from a friend the other day. It’s an egg with a bunny and flowers on it and you can paint it. I am going to do this with Matthew one of these days and hang it on our Easter tree in the kitchen.

DSC05454 DSC05455

I picked up this egg decorating kit in the local dealz shop too. We are going to blow out the eggs and decorate them so they look like a chicken and a rabbit. It is going to be so much fun.


How cool are my Easter eggs hanging out the front garden? I don’t know if this is a thing you would do in the UK or Ireland but it is traditional in Germany and I’d like to keep the German traditions.


I am in the middle of getting the garden ready for the Summer but I haven’t got anywhere yet but I have to say I am very proud of my front porch. What do you think?

DSC05467 DSC05468

Have you started decorating your house for Easter yet or are you even going to? What are the plans for Easter in your house? Are you doing an Easter egg hunt or doing some crafts?

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