Potty Training on the Go

So far we have mastered potty training really well. It’s week 5 now. I didn’t think we would be where we are now in a million years. Matthew has adapted really well and I am so proud of him. From weeing in his trousers the first week, to be able to tell us when he needs to go, hold and make it on time to go on the potty and then even from going to the potty himself and pull his trousers and pants down himself, that is a huge achievement. There can be the once off accident still where he didn’t make it in time, but to be expected. He is really good in general but we do still have to work on number two, the poo that is. He is a very private person when it comes to making number two and  he always was. He prefers hiding and do it.

We are now challenged with potty training on the go. I mean it has been fine so far because during the week he is in creche anyway and he is used to going to the potty but what about when we need to go out and about?

So far what I have been doing, once he made a wee on the potty, we are getting ready to go out. When I say go out, we might go for our weekend walk, go to the playground, look around shops or pop to the shop. We are lucky enough to only live a 5 mins drive from town. Even a walk is only 20mins which I find brilliant.

Since we started the potty training journey 4 weeks ago, we haven’t been anywhere further than Sligo.

The first trip we are going to make, is the beginning of August. We are going to Spain on our first family holiday. You cannot imagine how excited I am. Away in the sun, beach, cocktails, pool, splashing in the water with the kids. The weather can be a bit desperate in Ireland sometimes.
At the moment we are still trying to talk him around to sit on the big toilet. He is too scared right now but August is still 3 months away. Who knows what can happen in those 3 months. Miracles do happen.

Potette – Fold Away Travel Potty


To me this travel potty seems to be the best solution for us. It folds away nicely and can be used as a potty as well as a trainer seat to put on the adult’s toilet. The only thing I am not too sure about is the disposal liners it comes with. I think this will put Matthew off because it looks different to his precious potty at home that he decorated with his Cars stickers. Obviously it’s going to be a lot easier if he was going to use the trainer seat.
I found this travel potty on the Mothercare website.

My Carry Potty


I found these funky potty seats online. They are like little suitases. Pretty much the same size as a Trunki. Which is where the problem is. It would fall through as normal hand luggage and I wouldn’t be able to take anything else aboard like Matthew’s Trunki with all his entertainment, while on the flight, in it. There are some really cute ones though. There is Bumblebee, Ladybird and Cow. They also have some simple coloured ones and you can get them at a cost of £19.99.



If it all fails, I guess pull-ups are the only way forward. I mean it’s not that he’d be running around in it all day. Especially on an airplane it can be quite hard to get your little one to go to the toilet on a cramped airplane toilet. I am not even a fan of them and getting in and our of them as soon as possible. Our flight is around 2 1/2 hours I think, which means when we got to our destination, I would put him straight back into pants.

I think the whole key to this potty training when on the go, is to get them used to the adult’s toilet as quick as possible. It makes life easier for everyone.

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Potty Training – 4 Weeks In

As promised I wanted to update you on our current potty training situation. We are now entering week 5 of potty training and honestly, I wouldn’t have thought in my dreams that it would go this good so quick.Now, to some of you out there it might not be a big move at all but to us this is huge to get Matthew this far.


Those first 4 days I blogged about previously were horrendous, torture, tearing out my hair. But it got better.

Just 2 weeks in, I was away on a training course from work in the office around the corner from our house (It can be handy living near work) and I got a text from hubby saying that Matthew pulled down his pants and his trousers to go for a wee wee in his potty. Proud parents moment right there. I never thought he would get there. He never tried pulling down his nappy or trousers in the past. I might have mentioned before that he has a fear of being naked. I am not really sure why but it must be a boys thing because Chloe is the complete opposite. He even knees around on the cold floor these days. Some progress we made. Hopefully we can tackle the barefeet situation soon before we go on holidays in August. Anyway… back to potty training.

The first 2 weeks we always had to ask him to make sure he tells us when he needs to go so he doesn’t wee in his pants. That soon turned into “he now goes all  my himself”. He then was sick at home with me for 2 1/2 weeks with Impetigo. Probably best thing that could have ever happened to us, obviously not nice to have Impetigo but we made such great progress on the potty training that I never even have to ask him anymore now. I can be upstairs tidying stuff away while he is making his wee in the potty. Isn’t it great? He even empties it sometimes.

There is one thing we definitely still have to work on… and that is number 2. He just won’t make it in the potty. Holds it in but eventually then makes it in his pants.I am sure most parents who have potty trained their little ones have been there. Any advice is more than welcome and much needed. I can’t talk him around it. He is too private about it. Even if I put the potty in a quiet corner where no one sees him, he won’t do it.

Another thing I am trying to tackle by the time we go on holidays is the big toilet. It’s basically a second potty training. How do I get him to sit on the big toilet? Our toilets are quite high and so he definitely need the steps.But even then I find it high.We have patterned seat that goes onto the toilet. He stands on the steps but that’s about it. He is too scared to sit on the actual toilet. I am hoping this will come naturally from him after a few months of potty training but I don’t really fancy carrying around a potty on holidays. Has anyone any tips or tricks?

I haven’t attempted nighttime training yet but we are not far off that. Some nights he is dry and every morning, once he wakes up, he is going to the potty straight away so he seems to be getting the idea.

We have now also eliminated the treats that he got when he went on the potty which was chocolate buttons. I am planning to bring them back in, once he makes number 2 in the potty. They are at the ready in the press.

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Potty Training – Our Progress so far

Here we are… the dreadful bit of parenting has arrived… POTTY TRAINING! Argh, help us all! Now that Matthew is nearly 3 years and 8 months I think it was time to introduce the potty to him.


Long time ago, which feels like a century, I wrote a post how we prepare for potty training. That was actually the time I initially wanted to start. But you know, there are the excuses and then we went away on family trips and so on and so on. Nothing is planned in the next while so no more excuses.

In that post I mentioned that I bought a personalised potty training book which we pretty much read to him every night for the last 3 months. We mixed it up with other books of course so he doesn’t get bored of it.

Since getting his Mickey Mouse potty we decorated it with stickers from the movie cars to make it special to him and his very own last weekend.

I have also started using the Pirate Pete sticker book which has a reward chart on the last page with star stickers in it.

We’ve been using the Thomas the Tank engine briefs from Mothercare and Minions briefs from Asda. Both are a great fit at 3-4 years. I’ve bought more in Dunnes Stores in that size but find them extremely small so I’m gonna have to go back to Mothercare and buy more of the comfortable ones. I also need more trousers from Penneys for accidents.

Without any further essays, here is how we got on the first 4 days…

Day 1, Saturday 16th April
First thing in the morning we explained that we are doing potty training today and that nappies are going to be gone for the day and we’ll put on our big boy pants. He wore tracksuit bottoms over it, too. Soon enough we had to take them off as it was too much comfort for him to pee in them. He isn’t a fan of running around half naked but he got around to it eventually and was running around in pants. We had multiple accidents, just the way potty training goes. Even with pants on I lifted him over to the potty so he could see where it goes.
A lot of praising was done and he got a small handful of chocolate buttons each time.

Day 2, Sunday 17th April
It was pretty much like day 1. A lot of crying but we had to get through it.

Day 3, Monday 18th April
First wee happened around 2.30pm. No doubt he must have held it as long as he could. Again I lifted him over to the potty and we were able to get some in. Lots of praise, we emptied the potty down the toilet and washed our hands. He seems to finally like the idea and praise he’s getting.
7pm he took himself to the potty and made a wee. YAY!! With pants on but every little step counts. He was delighted with himself.

Day 4, Tuesday 19th April
First day back to creche since the weekend. He was able to show me in the morning that he can take himself to the potty even if he didn’t have to go right that minute. Off we went with potty in tow. I was told by creche that he was able to sit on the potty in the morning no problem but the wee wee and poo was made in his pants this time unfortunately.
Anyways, it can happen. Tomorrow is day 4 and another day of trying with trial and error.

Are you potty training at the moment? Any tips or tricks?

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Potty Training Preparation

2015-09-17 08.37.49

Now that Matthew turned 3 last month, I think it is about time to get him used to the potty and help him understand what toilets are for and where to make his ‘poo poo’ and ‘wee wee’.

He was never a fan of pulling down his trousers, taking off his nappy or running around half naked in the house. He always wants his clothes on and he is still that way  but I am going to have to get him away from that now.

2015-09-17 08.25.04

I started off buying him a book about potty training. I originally saw this book on Rebecca’s blog and thought it was brilliant because you can personalise the character to what your child looks like and add his name. This way it makes it so much more personal and Matthew understands eve better. The book is for princes and princesses. In a nutshell it is about a boy who goes off with his mummy to pick a potty and big boy pants and learns to sit on the potty until a tiny wee comes out and even manages to do a poo in the end. This makes him feel like such a big boy. If you are about to start potty training your little one, why not check out Penwizard’s website. We read it nearly every evening to Matthew.

2015-09-17 08.37.09

With that I bought a reward chart. It is from the same company. I got this ages ago, so it has been sitting in the book shelf until now. It is nice to give him a reward when he used the potty successfully. I might add a little bribery on to it though to get the potty training started a bit quicker. Recently I was speaking to one of my work colleagues. She potty trained her boy back in May. Every time he used the potty, he received a button. It worked great for her. Matthew would do anything for some buttons. I’ll see how I get on with it once we start this new journey.

2015-09-17 08.24.49

I am going to take the journey of using briefs for the day and pull ups at night. First of all he needs to be potty trained during the day and when we have that cracked we can move onto the night. If I would use pull ups during the day, I think he would misunderstand it and pee into the pull ups which are nappies basically. I bought his favourite characters which are the Minions and Thomas the Tank Engine. Anything with his favourite characters on it he loves wearing and doesn’t want to take it off. Fingers crossed it will be the same with these briefs.

2015-09-17 08.37.27

And the most important thing of all… the potty. Again one of his favourite characters, Mickey Mouse. Bought in Smyths ages ago. In fact I bought it when he turned 18 months. What was I thinking at the time that I can potty train him that early.

Let’s hope it all goes well and we need no more nappies (apart from his little sister)

Have you recently started potty training your little one? Any advice is welcome in the comment box below.

2 Milestones ahead of us

My not so little boy anymore Matthew is turning 3 years of age at the end of August. I can’t actually believe it. Where has the time gone. He’s such a cute little character.

Anyway, turning that age also means a few other things.

Moving into the big boy bed 


I have dragged this subject along with me as long as I could. And I shouldn’t feel bad about it to be honest. The most obvious reason why parents move their toddlers out of a cot/cot bed is, they have attempted to climb out of it. This is a sign of moving into a bed. Well, Matthew has showed no interest in that whatsoever. He is nice and snug in it and loves his sleeps. Nearly every morning this week I had to wake him past 8am. He always snuggles into the same corner. It’s so adorable.

Unfortunately though his sister is getting bigger everyday which means in the next month or so she will have to go into her own bed as she will be outgrown the Moses basket. She will take Matthew’s bed which is a cot bed.  So far I haven’t done any work on that because I am just too busy with the kids or get held up with other stuff. I will update you on the move in the next few weeks. At least we managed to get him into a proper sleep routine now.

This Thursday I am off to Dublin to get his bed in IKEA like I previously mentioned in my family haul wish list.

Potty training



This has been a subject that kept me busy for a good while. I have no idea how to approach this but people keep saying to me “do it when he’s ready”. So far he has showed no interest. He does mess with the potty sometimes and sits on it but I know if I take off trousers and nappy he will freak. Boys tend to take longer with this sort of stuff anyway. So I am planning to attempt this in the summer months. Hopefully by his birthday we have some sort of attempts.

There’s a few other small things that need attention but they can wait for now:

• Get rid of the dodie completely
• Sit on chair full time, no more high chair
• Take his fear of getting hair cuts
• Be able to walk beside parents and hold hands
• Interact more with his sister
• Start swimming
• Ride his Spiderman bike daddy got him

Have you reached any milestones with your little ones lately?

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