Potty Training Second Time Around

It has been over two weeks ago now since I introduced potty training to Chloe. It has been on the cards for quite some time… since the Summer really. She has been ready for a long time but I just kept dragging it out to be honest. She is my last baby after all. She is so mature for her age though.

The last point which made me introduce the potty training to her, was the fact she was able to get herself dressed. If you help her the slightest, she goes into a tantrum. The only thing I can help her with, is to make sure that she has leggings and top the right away around. She just about tolerates it..

I decided to start on a Saturday morning, just like I did with Matthew almost two years ago. I had the equipment bought quite some time ago. The only thing missing was the pants and vests. I picked these up in Penneys, Mothercare and Dunnes. You can never have too many pants when you are potty training your child. I started off with just the toilet and skip the potty altogether. She had a few accidents as she didnt’ quite understand at the start to hold it and then go to the toilet.

On day two I decided to switch to the potty and tada we had success. She went to the potty every time. On the Monday hubby dropped her in with her potty. Some of the other kids in her group are also going through the potty training phase at the moment. They have a seat insert for the toilet and because everyone else used it, she wanted to us it too. So we ditched the potty again.

On day four she understood how the whole thing works. She was able to tell me that it’s coming. Every time she successfully goes, she gets a sweetie. This ended up with her going every ten minutes. After two weeks now though she plays happily or watches TV and out of nowhere she needs to go. Number two can be still a hit and miss though. This is the reason why I bought loads and loads of briefs.

Kids can be so different when it comes to potty training. Matthew was potty trained very late and it took him four months to be fully there.  Girls seem to be so much smarter. I could have easily trained her during the Summer which was my original plan but in this case it was more of a “am I ready” rather than “Is she ready”.

Apart from being in creche, we haven’t taken her out out yet though. So there was no public toilet outing so far.

Are you currently potty training your child? Let me know how you are getting on.

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