Halloween at Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch

I was so jealous of all the bloggers going to the pumpkin patch this month. I really wanted to take Matthew to one, too as I knew he would love it. So off I went on my phone to do a quick Google. Unfortunately unsuccessful. At the time we still lived in the old house. Until I saw a post from Kellie who blogs at My Little Babog. She went to Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch last weekend. Thankfully there were still some tickets left for Halloween Day. They have the family tickets which are 10 Euro or the single tickets which are 3 Euro. By the time I decided whether we go or not, the family tickets were sold out. Hubby said Matthew and I should go. Chloe wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of it anyway yet.

Yesterday morning we made our way from Naas, Co. Kildare to Julianstown, Co. Meath. It is about a 50 minutes drive. I don’t find that bad at all. There are so many things to do in and around Dublin, so many more options than there was in Sligo. I used Google Maps to find the place but even without, you would have found it easily. Once in Julianstown, they had signs with a pumpkin on it to direct you the right way. We got there by 12pm,a bit before it. The queue of cars was massive. Seems to be a very popular place. It’s mad because you’re in the middle of nowhere and there are everyone’s house and suddenly you have a massive field in the middle of it to fit all the cars and another field for all the pumpkins.

Once we had our tickets scanned, we were guided to our car parking space. Off we went to explore the place. First thing we spotted was a cool height chart. As a blogger you automatically think “Photo opportunity” and so I did.


After that we checked out the tent. On the left hand side children were queuing for face painting. I didn’t queue with Matthew. I know he got his face painted in creche before but other than that he can be quite awkward with somebody else he doesn’t know touches his face. On the right hand side we had all the good stuff. That included cupcakes, tea, marshmallows and hot chocolate. Matthew and I shared a hot chocolate and I bought us a cupcake. We then went outside and sat on the hay to eat it.



Once we finished eating our delights, we headed on to have a look at the rest. It wasn’t long until we discovered another stand with some treats. This time it was kind of healthy ones. A bowl of either red or green apple with a sauce and topping of your choice. You could choose between caramel or Nutella. We picked Nutella of course. Our topping was smarties but you could also pick from sprinkles and green jellies. It was all about messy. Little picks would have been handy with it to pick them up but it was certainly delicious.

With the bowl in hand we went straight down to the pumpkin patch. Matthew loved it. We kicked some hay, tool some photos and rolled a few pumpkins. While I was taking a photo of Matthew sitting on the pumpkin, Frankenstein creeped up. What a photo bomb to have.

Further down the field Matthew got his head stuck into one of the pop ups that were setup. He was the kitty cat.

At the end of the field they had a maze setup made out of straw for the little ones. Matthew went straight in and had a go twice.

As we went back up the hill again, we decided to check the black tent to see what’s inside. They created a spooky trail with complete darkness inside, skeletons and other scary creatures. Again Matthew loved it. That boy has no fear.

At the end of the whole experience Matthew was allowed to pick three small little pumpkins to take home with him. Why three? Because they had a deal on, three for two euro. I think that’s a pretty good deal. They look really cute in fairness.

Our last stop was the shed where they had a story teller on. Unfortunately in the middle of it Matthew had to go to the toilet so I called that the end of our trip. He really enjoyed it and laughed a lot.

The trip was well worth it and I would definitely go again next year.

Have you been to a pumpkin patch this year?