Siblings in August

We are half way through August already and to date it’s just 16 days until my eldest is starting big school. It sounds just way too soon. Before we reached that milestone, we have another one to conquer which is his fifth birthday, three days before he is going to school.  I also took a day off on his actual birthday to treat him.

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Siblings in August

The month of August couldn’t have started any better for us. The first day of the month we were on our way down to the airport to check into the hotel and head off to Spain the next day early morning. This was some great excitement especially for my eldest. We are only back from our well deserved holiday since Friday. As quick as I already blogged about it. If you are interested reading about it, you can do so here.

Based on us spending half the month of August in Spain, all the photos taken below were in our resort.

2016-08-10 08.37.34

This holiday was probably the best thing ever because their interacting is so much closer now. While we were away, Chloe started to stand up. At the age of 18 months she is not walking yet. I am not concerned though because Matthew didn’t start walking until 18 months either. I have two lazy children I guess. In saying that I read somewhere that it’s actually healthier for them to walk later rather than earlier. Just like Matthew she started to stand up in her travel cot. She definitely has a lot more balance now and it is probably just a matter of time before she sets off. I give her maybe 2-3 weeks.



These two photos were taken in our hotel room. There was a little fridge in the corner in a cabinet. Matthew started sitting on it. As siblings do, Chloe tried to copy him and get her little bum on it. It’s so funny the way she’s trying. She’s bum shuffling backwards and lifting her bum up on the cabinet, with a little bit of help from us though. Once they were up there, they were both delighted with themselves and didn’t want to get down. Of course mammy had to whip out the camera and do a little photo session.


Matthew is now at the age where he knows what he wants. The amount of times he asked me for a toy on holidays. When we were in the animal park in Spain, each of the children were allowed to have a toy each. Chloe decided on a little dolphin and Matthew on a tub full of water animals. They proudly present their new possession in the photo above.

In 2 weeks time my not so little boy will turn 4 years of age. What a milestone. He is definitely not a toddler anymore then for sure. It’s kind of sad in a way. Next month he will also start proper preschool. Scary isn’t it? It means he is just 1 year away from being a school boy. We have planned a little mini trip away for his birthday and going to visit Tayto Park. They recently opened a Dino Park which I am sure he will love.

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