Siblings in August

We are half way through August already and to date it’s just 16 days until my eldest is starting big school. It sounds just way too soon. Before we reached that milestone, we have another one to conquer which is his fifth birthday, three days before he is going to school.  I also took a day off on his actual birthday to treat him.

Looking back on all the photos I have taken in the last month, we had a pretty easy month with not too many adventures. We spent most of the weekends indoors, had a few play dates and birthday parties.  We did go down to Wexford two weekends ago. The kids really enjoyed the journey and a stay over at the hotel. Matthew loves staying at the hotel for some reason. I suppose it is a change and Chloe likes it for the cuddles. We all pretty much go to sleep at the same time. The kids are allowed to go to bed an hour later. Everyone wins.

In terms of their relationship nothing has changed over the past month. They can be both up to mischief one time and the other time they both hate each other because someone took someone’s toy, or Chloe didn’t get the same bar as Matthew. The little things really and totally normal for siblings. I have learnt I have to get everything twice just to keep them sweet and not fight.

It’s amazing how they are both two complete different characters. Matthew can be a little whinger half of the time. It could be the age he is at, too but if he doesn’t get his way with certain things he just cries non stop.  His sister on the other hand is way more grown up than that. If mammy or daddy say no, she has one little cry or a little mini tantrum and just carries on after. She is a bit more mature when it comes to things she is not allowed to do or allow to have. This can all change when she will be five in a few years. I could be reading back on this post then and nod “it’s the age”.

Despite Matthew’s behaviour lately, he is more independent than Chloe.  You can let him play for hours in the play room and he would use his imagination to build things. Chloe on the other hand prefers if you sit with her and do it with her together in the same room.  Her favourite thing to do at the moment, is play in her kitchen with her tea set and put water in it. She pours it from one cup to the other and into the pan. It can get messy but it’s only water after all.

Last weekend they had the best of fun in their uncle’s garden. He has a trampoline. Matthew has asked for one before because the neighbour across the way from us have one. I am trying to avoid the conversation though as it takes up half the garden. They were jumping around, up and down.  They sat down together and fueled up with a drink until it was back onto the trampoline.

Let’s hope for some more lovely sunshine the next two weekends until it’s off to big school for Matthew. I hope the transition from creche to school will go smooth because none of this creche friends will be in the same school. Only one, but he is going to be in a different class.

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  1. Oh they are lovely together it’s bittersweet watching them bond and grow up together isn’t it? I love having two and I never thought what a reward it would be to watch them bond or love each other as much as I love each of them. Hope you are having a grand summer end hun. #siblingsproject

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