The Disney Tag

I have seen this tag quite a few times in the last few weeks but after seeing it on Extraordinarychaos it was time to just join in and not ignore it again.

Here it goes:

1.What are your top 5 favourite Disney Films?

I loved watching Disney movies as a kid. I mean who didn’t. I actually need to get my collection together again and start watching it with Matthew.

1. The Lion King


2. Dumbo


3. Bambi


4. The Jungle Book


5. Peter Pan


2. What is your favourite Disney character?

It can be the only one… Mickey Mouse

3. Favorite Disney Princess?



4. Which Disney character would you like as pet ?


5. If you could wear a Disney Princess’s dress to a ball which one would it be?


6. Which Disney character can you really relate to?

Lady from “Lady and the tramp”

7. Favourite ever Disney saying, or line from a movie or song.

Anything Dori said in “Finding Nemo” was quite hilarious. I’ve no idea what the line was now.

8. What is your favourite Disney Park?

I’ve only been to the one in Paris as a child. So that’s the reason I can only say that has been my favourite one.

9. Have you even visited Disney World and what is you favourite memory, if not do you ever plan to go?

Never been but I would love to go once the kids are at an age where they can appreciate these things.

10. Favourite Disney Sound Track? 

Has to be “Can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John from the Lion King.

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  1. Love this tag, might try and do it myself now 🙂 Love your top 5 Disney films x

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